Motorguide Trolling Motor Won’t Turn Left & Right: 6 Top Reasons

Don’t be upset or tensed so much if your Motorguide trolling motor won’t turn left or right. It happens due to multiple reasons, for example, poor wiring connection,  steering motor, defective switches, jammed buttons, and many more. Today, we’ll introduce you to the 6 most typical Motorguide problems and their solutions. So, let’s delve into the details.

Motorguide Trolling Motor Won’t Turn Left Or Right: Solution

The Motorguide trolling motor requires a regular checkup and servicing to maximize its performance. Here are the most common issues which can cause this trolling motor to stop turning left or right. 

Reason-1: Steering Motor

Some models come with a steering motor that will create such problems and the Motorguide trolling motor won’t steer left and right. 

Solution- When you have got a steering motor, take the top of the motor off and find where the leads are and where these leads are connected to the control boards. You’ll find them with separate clips connected to the control board.

Disconnect the leads from the control board and install 12 volts to your steering motor. Your motor will start turning left and right amazingly.

Reason-2: Plastic Gear

Motorguide with plastic gear can stop turning in both directions. And you can fix it effortlessly.

Solution- Try turning it left and right slowly with your hands rather than any equipment. It will make your way faster and more efficiently. 

Reason-3: Poor Wiring Connection

While noticing that your trolling motor has power but won’t work, it must have poor cable connections. So, it’s another issue. 

SolutionTake a multimeter and check whether the cable connections are alright. Clean all the connection points and reconnect them. Still, if it doesn’t work, it means the cables are damaged. In that case, you’ve to change the total wiring and reinstall them.

Reason-4: Low Battery Voltage

This is a pretty uncommon problem and usually, it won’t happen with the newly bought Motorguide trolling motor. If you use your motor for years, check out whether there are battery voltage issues. The Motorguide can also stop turning left or right if it comes in battery voltage insufficiency.

Solutions– Find out whether the battery voltage is sufficient to run the motor. Use a multimeter to examine it. We recommend you replace the battery to get a faster solution. 

Reason-5: Cruise Controlling Trouble

The Motorguide cruise control system malfunctions sometimes and doesn’t let the motor speed adjust as it is mentioned in the manufacturer manual. When this problem reaches the extreme level, it causes the trolling motor not to turn on any sides.

Again, it can happen when the cruise control button doesn’t functions properly.

Solutions- In the case of a cruise controlling problem, you’ve to make sure the remote is functioning actively. In terms of multiple remotes usage, ensure at least one remote in your hand is well functioning. Also, check out whether there’s any problem with the cruise controlling button. 

Reason-6: Jammed Button

The turning issue comes even from the jammed button. If you don’t clean them, they can be jammed and stop responding. In that case, it’s normal for the motor not to turn on any sides.

Solution- Clean the button simply and try. If the buttons don’t respond, it needs to be replaced. 

On the other hand, you can go through this precise guide on foot pedal problems if they are troubling besides your Motorguide turning problem.


Where is the MotorGuide trolling motor made?

Well, the Motorguide trolling motor is made in the USA.

Does MotorGuide have an autopilot?

Yes, the Motorguide is featured with an autopilot so that you can position it anywhere according to your convenience. 

Can you add pinpoint GPS to Motorguide  Xi3?

Yes, you can add Pinpoint GPS easily using NMEA 2000 cable to use the more advanced features of the Motorguide. The benefits of waypoint navigation, touchscreen commands, and also running the custom routes of the motor, etc will be available.

Does MotorGuide work with Lowrance?

To provide the super sonar image, the Lowrance and Motorguide are teamed up with each other. Therefore, controlling a big size boat from any corner of the boat will be easier for you.

What size MotorGuide do I need?

Determining the right size of your Motorguide depends on many things like the size of your boat, types of boats, etc. However, if you want to take an overall idea, you should choose a minimum of 2 lbs thrust Motorguide trolling motor. 

Final Thoughts

It is a regular issue for the anglers if the Motorguide trolling motor won’t turn in any of its directions. Because they know all the possible reasons and solutions. However, if it was a huge problem for you, we hope it’s solved already. Happy Fishing with Your Motorguide!

Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones

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