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A quality trolling motor means a lot to professional anglers. But it adds an extra level of significance while offering the fastest speed. High-speed trolling motors will ensure an exciting kick. So, the big question is: how to identify the fastest trolling motor? 

Usually, the speed of a trolling motor is measured based on the average load. Although, some users think the thrust level determines how fast the trolling motor will be. But it’s a misconception. 

Maximum anglers get perplexed while choosing the fastest trolling motor. So, to help you get your desired motor, we have made a top list with the 8 best motors to ensure the quickest fishing speed. 

Let’s explore them!

Our Top Picks For Fastest Trolling Motors At A Glance

Fastest Trolling Motor For Different Boats

Trolling motors go slowly as per the additional load provided on it. If you make your boat heavier with too much extra load, it will slow down the speed. Therefore, ensure the maximum load capacity before determining the motor type.

BoatTrolling MotorDimensionShaft LengthWeightThrust LevelVoltageGPS LockLift Assist
Pontoon BoatMotorGuide Xi5‎70 x 18 x 11 inches48, 54, 60, 72 inches56 lbs55, 80, 105 lbs24 VYesElectric Steer
Deck BoatMinn Kota Terrova45 x 10 x 14 inches45, 54, 60, 72 inches42 lbs55, 80, 112 lbs12, 24, 36 VYesElectric Steer
Bass BoatGarmin Force‎65 x 21 x 13 inches57 inches‎98.7 lbs80, 100 lbs24, 36 VYes
Jon BoatNewport Vessels NV-Series18 x 5 x 42 inches36 inches25 lbs86 lbs24 VElectric
Inflatable BoatHaswing Cayman‎58 x 19.6 x 12.2 inches48 inches21.18 lbs55 lbs12 VNoCable-wired
Paddle BoatAquos Haswing Cayman‎50.39 x 17.72 x 10.24 inches39 inches26 lbs55 lbs12 VElectric
Ski BoatMinn Kota Ultrex65 x 19 x 8 inches45, 52, 60 inches38 lbs80, 112 lbs24, 36 VYesCable-steer, Electric-steer
KayakNewport Kayak Transom39.6 x 20.2 x 6.1 inches24 inches23 lbs36, 55 lbs12 VNoElectric
Canoe BoatGoplus Electric Trolling MotorNANA46 lbs46, 55, 86 lbs12 VNoElectric

1. Fastest Trolling Motor For Pontoon Boat – MotorGuide Xi5

The MotorGuide Xi5-80FW 54-Inch 24V Wireless Trolling Motor is the ultimate choice for pontoon boat owners who want the fastest trolling experience. With a peak thrust of 80 pounds and a 54-inch-long composite shaft, this motor offers unmatched speed and maneuverability.

The 3-blade Machete III Glass-Filled propeller enhances the motor’s performance to cut through the water with ease. With its digital variable speed controls and wireless foot-pedal controller, the Xi5 is 50 percent faster than competitive controllers and offers exceptional low-speed trolling capability.

Why Do We Choose It?

We know that when it comes to trolling motors for pontoon boats, speed and maneuverability are crucial. That’s why we choose the MotorGuide Xi5-80FW 54-Inch 24V Wireless Trolling Motor as our top choice for the fastest trolling motor. Operating on a 24-volt power system, this motor draws a maximum of 56 amps for incredible performance.

The wireless foot-pedal controller and digital variable speed controls make it easy to operate and navigate. That gives you complete control over your trolling experience. With a composite shaft material that is backed by a lifetime warranty, this motor is built to last and withstand any obstacles that come your way.


Impressive Speed and Thrust

The MotorGuide Xi5Trolling Motor delivers unmatched speed and thrust with a peak thrust of 80 pounds and a 54-inch-long composite shaft. Its 3-blade Machete III Glass-Filled propeller design enhances the motor’s performance.

High-Voltage Power System

Operating on a 24-volt power system, this motor draws a maximum of 56 amps for incredible performance. The digital variable speed controls and wireless foot-pedal controller make the Xi5 50 percent faster than competitive controllers and offer exceptional low-speed trolling capability.

Durable Composite Shaft

The MotorGuide Xi5-80FW features a durable composite shaft that is capable of managing any obstructions. It will bend but won’t break and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Advanced Control System

The wireless control system is a standard feature of the Xi5, not an expensive add-on like many competitive motors. The wireless pedal provides intuitive, pro-style “heel-toe” operation controls steering that is extremely quiet, and precise.

The easy-to-read LED dashboard displays the status of key functions, including power on/system ready, propeller on, Pinpoint GPS system active, and three levels of battery life. 


  • High speed and maneuverability due to 80 pounds of peak thrust
  • 54-inch composite shaft, and 3-blade Machete III Glass-Filled propeller.
  • Wireless control with intuitive, pro-style “heel-toe” operation and digital variable speed controls
  • Pinpoint GPS and integrated 83/200 kHz sonar transducer provide industry-leading clarity and detail for identifying fish and structure.
  • Stow and deploy mechanism with secondary lock for added safety and easy use.


  • Relatively high price

2. Fastest Trolling motor for Deck Boat- Minn Kota Terrova

The Minn Kota Terrova is the fastest trolling motor you can get for your deck boat. It has a strong 112 pounds of torque which can move your boat at breakneck speeds. It is the perfect choice for thrill-seekers and fishing enthusiasts alike.

Its advanced technology ensures smooth and quiet operation, while its durable construction can withstand the toughest conditions. Whether you’re exploring new fishing spots or racing across the water, this will give you the speed and power to take your deck boat experience to the next level.

Why Do We Choose the Minn Kota Terrova Trolling Motor for Deck Boat

The Minn Kota Terrova Trolling motor is an excellent choice for deck boat enthusiasts due to its powerful features. The motor boasts a 112-pound thrust, making it ideal for a variety of water conditions. Its advanced technology ensures smooth and quiet operation, while its digital maximizer feature maximizes battery life and reduces charging time.

Additionally, the motor’s universal sonar feature provides accurate readings of water depth and temperature, giving you a better understanding of your surroundings. With its durable construction, you can rest assured that this motor can withstand the toughest conditions. So, whether you’re fishing or cruising, the Minn Kota Terrova Trolling motor is the perfect addition to your deck boat.

Key Features

Powerful Thrust

The Minn Kota Terrova trolling motor is equipped with a powerful thrust that enables it to propel your deck boat at high speeds. With its advanced technology, it ensures smooth and efficient operation, making it an ideal choice for thrill-seekers and fishing enthusiasts alike.

Precise Steering

The Terrova trolling motor comes with a reliable steering mechanism that navigates through tight spots and tricky water conditions. Its precision steering ensures that you maintain control of your boat at all times, even in choppy waters.

Wireless Control

This motor is equipped with advanced wireless control technology which operates it remotely. This means that you can focus on your fishing or leisure activities without worrying about controlling the motor manually, making your time on the water more enjoyable and stress-free.

Quiet Operation

The Terrova trolling motor operates quietly, so you won’t disturb the fish or other wildlife in the water. Its noiseless operation makes it an ideal choice for any anglers to maintain a low profile and avoid spooking their catch.


  • High thrust power of up to 112 pounds, making it ideal for larger deck boats.
  • Advanced GPS features, including Spot-Lock and i-Pilot Link, for precise and convenient boat control.
  • Robust and durable construction, with a lift-assist mechanism for easy stowing and deploying.
  • Smooth and quiet operation, thanks to the Digital Maximizer technology.
  • The motor is highly efficient and can provide extended run times on a single battery charge.


  • The motor’s weight can be an issue for some users, as it may require additional effort to mount and remove.

3. Fastest Trolling Motor For Bass Boat- Garmin Force

Garmin Force is the fastest trolling motor for Bass boats, due to its high-powered brushless motor that delivers up to 100 lbs of thrust at 36 V or 80 lbs at 24 V. It uses a high-efficiency propeller. With 57″ shaft length and scissor-style mount add stability and control in challenging conditions.

The foot pedal and wireless remote control offer instant responsiveness, and the built-in autopilot ensures precise navigation. With a waterproof floating remote and a 3-year warranty, this motor is the perfect choice for anglers seeking speed, efficiency, and reliability.

Why Do We Choose It?

Garmin has entered the trolling motor market with the release of its new Force model. The electric motor is corrosion-resistant and can be used in both fresh and saltwater. It has a silent brushless motor that is more efficient than traditional motors.

The motor also comes with features like gesture steering and Chartplotter, which automatically creates a course for the motor. Although it is expensive and has many features that most anglers will never use, the Garmin Force is perfect for those looking to take their fishing to the next level.


Brushless Motor

The brushless motor of the Garmin Force Trolling Motor provides efficient and reliable performance, with higher thrust and longer run time compared to traditional brushed motors.

High Thrust

The Garmin Force Trolling Motor delivers up to 120 pounds of thrust, allowing for powerful and quick acceleration, even with heavy loads or in strong currents.

Variable Speed

The motor can be adjusted to variable speeds, allowing anglers to navigate in tight spaces or slow down for a more stealthy approach to fishing.

Propeller Design

The Garmin Force Trolling Motor features a two-blade propeller design that reduces drag and increases efficiency, resulting in faster speeds and longer battery life.


The Garmin Force Trolling Motor runs on a 24-volt system, delivering maximum power and speed for bass boats and other high-performance watercraft.


  • Exceptional power and thrust for quick acceleration and high speeds
  • Precise control and maneuverability with Pinpoint GPS technology
  • Quiet and efficient operation thanks to brushless motor technology
  • Durable and long-lasting design with corrosion-resistant materials
  • Versatile mounting options for easy installation on different types of boats
  • Integrated transducer for reliable depth and temperature sensing


  • Limited availability of replacement parts and accessories

4. Fastest Trolling Motor For Jon Boat- Newport Vessels NV-Series

The NV 86lb trolling motor is the perfect solution for those seeking a powerful and fast motor for their Jon boat. This 24V electric motor boasts 86 pounds of thrust, ensuring that you can move quickly and efficiently through the water.

Designed specifically for trolling, the NV 86lb motor delivers a top speed of approximately 4 mph, making it ideal for both fishing and leisurely cruises around the lake. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a weekend boater, the NV 86lb trolling motor is the perfect companion for your Jon boat.

Why Do We Choose the Newport Vessels 86lb?

Its efficient power of 86 lbs thrust and 8 speeds, including 5 forward and 3 reverse, make it the perfect choice for any angler. It ensures to move quickly to find the perfect fishing spot. Additionally, the 36-inch shaft, telescoping tiller handle, and 3-blade propeller provide excellent control. It is easy to navigate even in strong currents. Overall, the Newport Vessels 86lb is a powerful, efficient, and reliable trolling motor to enhance your fishing experience.

Key Features

Efficient Power: 86lb Thrust

The Newport Vessels offer unparalleled power and efficiency. With an impressive 86 lbs of thrust, this motor can move your Jon boat quickly and effortlessly through the water, reaching speeds of up to 4mph.

Its high-quality build allows the motor to run all day long without overheating or making noise to spook fish. You’ll be able to spend more time fishing and less time worrying about your motor.

Versatile Features

This motor comes equipped with a range of versatile features, including a 36-inch shaft, a 5 LED battery meter, and a 6-inch telescoping tiller handle. Additionally, you can adjust the mounting angle, height, and direction and locked into place when needed.

That ensure your motor is always working in the most effective way possible. The 3 blade propeller gives the motor great low-end torque to get your boat moving quickly.

Superb Build Quality and Battery Requirements

Newport Vessels is known for its excellent build quality, and the 86lb is no exception. The motor features a durable fiberglass composite shaft and a tough nylon transom mount.

It requires two 12V lead-acid deep cycle or lithium deep cycle batteries (not included), with 50Ah recommended. The motor includes a 50Amp circuit breaker which is recommended at all times to protect from battery voltage surges.


  • Provides excellent power and efficiency with 86lb thrust
  • Ultra-bright 5-point LED battery indicator for easy and accurate charge reading
  • Adjustable mount angle, height, and direction for versatile use
  • 8 speeds (5 forward, 3 reverse) with a 3-blade propeller for excellent low-end torque
  • Corrosion-resistant componentry for long-lasting use


  • No built-in GPS or wireless connectivity features

5. Fastest Trolling Motor For Inflatable Boat- Haswing Cayman

The Haswing Cayman 12V 55lbs 48 inch Bow Mount Electric Trolling Motor is the perfect choice for those who want a powerful and speedy motor for their inflatable boat.

With its 55 lbs of thrust and variable speed control, this motor can quickly propel your boat through the water. Thats allow you to cover more distance in less time. Whether you’re freshwater or saltwater fishing, the Haswing Cayman trolling motor offers reliable speed and power for your inflatable boat.

Why Do We Choose the Haswing Cayman for inflatable boat?

The Haswing Cayman is the fastest motor available for inflatable boats, with a top speed of up to 5mph. It’s also incredibly quiet, which means you can sneak up on fish without scaring them away.

This motor is also very efficient, using less power than other motors of similar size and providing longer battery life.

Key Features

Quiet and Efficient

The Haswing Cayman 48 INCH Shaft Bow Mount Trolling Motor is designed to run quietly, so you won’t scare away any fish. Its variable speed control allows you more precise adjustments and improved control. Also, reduce power consumption.

This feature can extend the battery life quite a bit at any speed. Additionally, the motor is suitable for boats weighing up to 2750 lbs.

Easy to Control

The remote control is small and fits easily in the palm of your hand. So, it can be attached around your neck with a lanyard. You can control the motor on the boat or shoreside from up to 164 ft away.

The remote is rechargeable with a USB cable on a power bank when necessary. The quick-release bracket makes it easy to install or remove the motor. Cable-wired foot control of 14.7 ft gives you smooth operation.


The Haswing Cayman 55lbs bow mount trolling motor is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. It’s designed with excellent corrosion resistance and uses a sacrificial anode that protects important metal components.

The 48-inch aluminum shaft makes it painless to use on inflatable boat. The motor also features a cruise control that keeps your boat at the desired speed, allowing you to focus on fishing.


  • Quiet operation
  • Variable speed control for improved precision and battery life
  • Remote control with 164 ft range and rechargeable via USB
  • Suitable for both fresh and saltwater use
  • Easy to install and remove with quick-release bracket
  • Stow and deploy pedal for quick transitions between water and boat
  • Easy-to-use depth collar for quick and secure depth adjustment


  • May not be suitable for boats over 18ft in length

6. Fastest Trolling Motor For Paddle Boat- Aquos Haswing Cayman

Introducing the AQUOS Haswing Cayman trolling motor with wireless remote control – the ultimate solution for paddlers seeking the fastest trolling motor for their paddle boat. This feature-packed motor is designed with serious fishermen in mind.

It comes equipped with  wireless hand control. That allows you to control the motor from a distance of up to 164 feet. This motor is suitable for both salt and freshwater fishing. It’s the perfect choice for any angler looking to take their paddling experience to the next level.

Why Do We Choose it?

The Aquos Haswing Cayman is the perfect choice for paddle boat enthusiasts who crave speed and precision. With its one-way step-less speed control and adjustable depth height, this trolling motor allows for smooth and efficient movement through any body of water, making it the fastest motor for paddle boats.

Plus, its LED battery power reader adds to its convenience and functionality. Whether you’re fishing in saltwater or freshwater, the Cayman’s versatility and power are unbeatable for anyone seeking a top-of-the-line trolling motor for their paddle boat.

Key Features

Variable speed

The variable speed control features a dial in your desired speed and enjoys smoother, more precise adjustments and improved control over your boat’s movement.

Cruise control

The Cayman’s cruise control feature keeps your boat at a steady speed. This feature helps you to focus on fishing without worrying about adjusting the motor.

However, you may need to manually correct the direction from time to time due to wind or current.

Tilting position

The motor offers a wide tilting position range of 0-85 degrees, making it facile to adjust the depth of the motor in response to changes in water conditions or fishing needs.

Battery power display

The Cayman displays three levels of battery power (100%, 50%, and 20%) to help you plan your fishing time and ensure you always have enough power to get back to shore.


  • Variable speed control for improved precision and smoother adjustments
  • Cruise control feature to keep your boat at a steady speed for easy fishing
  • Wide range of tilting positions (0-85 degrees) for easy depth adjustment
  • LED battery power display helps you keep track of your battery life
  • Wireless remote control with a range of up to 164 feet
  • Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater use
  • Offers a powerful 55lbs thrust, making it the fastest trolling motor for a paddle boat
  • Lightweight and easy to install


  • Foot pedal not included

7. Fastest Trolling Motor For Ski Boat- Minn Kota Ultrex

This powerhouse motor boasts a 45″ shaft, 36v power, and an incredible 112 lbs of thrust. It is the perfect motor for fast-paced water sports. With its innovative GPS-powered i-Pilot control system, you can stay on top of your favorite fishing spots with unparalleled accuracy and ease.

Plus, the Ultrex’s unique Power Steering technology and Lift-Assist Design make it a breeze to handle all day long. If you’re ready to take your skiing and fishing game to the next level, the Minn Kota Ultrex is the only trolling motor you’ll ever need for your ski boat. 

Why Do We Choose the minn kota ultrex for Ski Boat?

The Minn Kota Ultrex is the perfect trolling motor for a ski boat due to its combination of power, control, and speed. The Ultrex’s GPS-powered automatic boat control features, including Spot-Lock and AutoPilot, ensure your course and speed while skiing or towing.

The i-Pilot GPS system helps you of controlling your trolling motor from a large LCD screen or even from your Humminbird fish finder, making it easy to operate while enjoying your skiing or towing experience. 

Key Features

GPS-Powered Automatic Boat Control

The Ultrex Trolling Motor comes equipped with i-Pilot GPS or i-Pilot Link GPS system that allows for unparalleled GPS-powered automatic boat control. The Spot-Lock feature holds your boat in place with incredible accuracy, while the AutoPilot feature enables you to navigate your boat in any direction you choose.

This feature is perfect for ski boats as it allows you to maintain your speed and course while skiing or towing.

Power Steering with Heel-Toe Foot Pedal

The Ultrex’s foot pedal comes equipped with Power Steering, providing responsive and comfortable steering all day long. The Heel-Toe foot pedal design ensures instant responsiveness, and the button to activate the electronic anchor for Spot-Lock feature adds even more convenience.

Digital Maximizer Technology

The Digital Maximizer Technology allows you to get up to five times longer run time on a single battery charge, conserving your battery for a full day of fishing. These variable-speed trolling motors enable you to dial in your exact speed and deliver only as much power as you need.


  • Hybrid cable-steer/electric-steer design provides Power Steering and Spot-Lock for accurate GPS anchoring
  • Universal Sonar 2 keeps the transducer wiring concealed and protected
  • i-Pilot GPS system with Spot-Lock, AutoPilot, and Jog for automatic boat positioning and control
  • Lift-Assist design cuts weight of stow and deploys in half for easy handling


  • Expensive compared to other trolling motors on the market

8. Fastest Trolling motor For Kayak- Newport Kayak Transom

The motor’s design focuses on providing reliable and efficient performance for kayak anglers, with a height-adjustable 24-inch shaft and 8 variable speeds (5 forward and 3 reverse).

Additionally, its 3-blade propeller reduces drag and balances efficiency and thrust for optimal performance. Its ultra-quiet operation also ensures a stealthy approach to your fishing spot. It provides a solid combination of power, reliability, and affordability for kayak anglers.

Why Do We Choose It?

The Kayak Series offers efficient and powerful performance for quickly accessing your favorite cove. And spend your day casting instead of fighting against currents or paddling. Its ultra-quiet operation also ensures a stealthy approach to your fishing spot.

Overall, the Newport Kayak Series offers excellent speed-related features for any angler looking for a reliable and high-quality trolling motor for their kayak.

Key Features

8 Variable Speeds

With 5 forward and 3 reverse speeds, you can easily adjust your trolling motor speed to suit your preferences and conditions. This allows for a smooth and efficient ride.

3-Blade Propeller

The 3-blade propeller design of the Newport Kayak Series helps reduce drag, maximizing the efficiency and thrust of the motor. This translates to faster speeds and better performance on the water.

Height Adjustable 24-Inch Fiberglass Shaft

The height-adjustable 24-inch fiberglass shaft allows for variable depth placement, ensuring the motor is at the optimal depth for your kayak. This ensures that you get the best performance from your trolling motor, no matter what conditions you are in.

Extra Long Cables

The 5’6″ battery cables allow for versatile battery placement, ensuring optimal weight distribution for your kayak. This is a key feature that ensures that the weight of the battery doesn’t negatively impact the performance or stability of your kayak.


  • Variable speeds give precise control over kayak’s speed and direction.
  • The 55lb thrust provides plenty of power for kayaks of all sizes
  • The 3-blade propeller is designed to reduce drag and improve efficiency, helping you get the most out of your battery’s charge.


  • The 55lb thrust can be overkill for smaller kayaks.

9. Fastest Trolling motor For Canoe Boat- Goplus Electronic Trolling motor

The Goplus Electric Trolling Motor is the fastest for your canoe boat due to its 86lb thrust and 8-speed control system with a 24V battery. Its sturdy construction of glass fiber composite rods and durable aluminum heads makes it suitable for both fresh and saltwater.

The adjustable shaft and mounting bracket tilt mechanism allow for easy maneuvering while sitting or standing. Plus, its LED battery indicator helps keep track of the battery charge level.

Why Do We Choose It? 

The Goplus 86lb thrust 24-volt Electric Trolling Motor is the perfect choice for your canoe boat due to its speed-related features. With 86lb thrust, it’s the fastest trolling motor for your canoe boat. Its 8-speed control system enables precise speed adjustments with 5 forward and 3 reverse speeds.

Plus, the motor operates quietly even at full speed. Its adjustable shaft and mounting bracket tilt mechanism also make it easy to maneuver at any speed while sitting or standing.

Key Features

Powerful 86lb Thrust

The Goplus trolling motor boasts a powerful 86lb thrust for maximum speed and precision. This makes it the perfect choice for those who are passionate about fishing and want to get to their destination quickly with a canoe boat.

8-Speed Control System

With 5 forward and 3 reverse speeds, the 8-speed control system enables precise speed adjustments. This makes it easy to navigate through various water conditions, whether you’re cruising through calm waters or battling heavy currents.

Sturdy Construction

The motor is made of glass fiber composite rods, durable die-cast aluminum heads, and reinforced composite materials, making it sturdy and reliable. It’s designed to resist bending, warping, and damage, ensuring it can withstand both fresh and saltwater conditions.

LED Battery Indicator

The motor comes equipped with an LED battery indicator, making it easy to monitor the battery charge level. This ensures you don’t run out of power while out on the water and can plan your trips accordingly.


  • Powerful 86lb thrust and 8-speed control system for maximum speed and precision
  • Quiet operation, even at full speed
  • Sturdy construction with glass fiber composite rods
  • Adjustable shaft and mounting bracket tilt mechanism
  • LED battery indicator for monitoring battery charge level
  • Budget-friendly price point


  • Some users may find the motor to be heavy and difficult to mount

Buying Guide: Things To Know Before Buying The Fastest Trolling Motor

To buy a high-quality fastest trolling motor, you must focus on some important factors. And considering these factors will assist you in choosing the best fishing gear. Here are what you should consider before you go to market for a trolling motor-

Motor Types

Choose which motor you need to buy, considering the transom mount or bow mount trolling motor. It’s essential to decide the type because not all boats suit all trolling motors. Make sure your boat is transom mount or bow-mount compatible.

The small boats are the best suits for transom mount trolling motors. And, if your boat is for a large purpose, the bow-mount trolling motor will be the right one and ensure optimal speed.


Trolling motors are designed with high thrust levels to ensure super performance. In that case, you can choose 55 lbs to thrust trolling motor. The 55 lbs thrust trolling motors are the fastest in most cases.


The motor propeller won’t submerge perfectly if the shaft length is short. So, choosing the accurate shaft length should also be your priority.


A fastest trolling motor comes with advanced features, for example, a digital maximizer, auto navigation, auto control protector, etc. Trolling motor with all the ultra features will make you go smoother and faster. 


The last one to consider is the brand because not all brands will promise high-quality motors with the fastest speed. Choose the leading brands like Minn Kota, MotorGuide, Intex, Goplus, etc. 

How To Make A Trolling Motor Faster

It’s normal if your trolling motor gets slower sometimes. But, it will hamper your way if you cannot detect the problems. In this case, most anglers get confused and cannot understand why the motor is slowing down. Here are some significant reasons and solutions for making your motor faster-

Don’t Overload

It’s a common issue if the motor gets slower if you overload the boat. So, ensure the boat isn’t overloaded. It will make your trolling motor faster.

Regular Maintenance 

If the motor gets older or remains without maintenance for a long time, it will be slower. No matter if the motor has no problem, you should maintain it regularly for faster speed.

Clean the Debris

Fishing lines, debris, or weeds can get tangled up in the propeller or shaft, which causes the motor to be slower. Keep the motor debris-free to keep it faster.

Replace Old Batteries

If the battery gets too old, it will also slow the motor. Therefore, replacing the battery will be a good solution to make your trolling motor faster. 

So, these are all how you can keep your trolling motor faster. In some cases, anglers get puzzled by questions like will a bigger prop make trolling motor go faster? Well, you need the right prop size, considering the size of the engine and hull. If the prop is bigger than it should be, it won’t make the motor faster; rather will slower it. 


How fast will a 30 lbs thrust trolling motor go?

A trolling motor with 30 lbs thrust can go a maximum of 5 mph. 

How fast does a 55 lbs thrust trolling motor go?

Motor with 55 lbs can also go 5 mph, considering your boat’s size, weight, and shape. 

Can you increase the power on a trolling motor?

If you use a battery with more MPH, it will help you increase the motor power.

What is the perfect trolling speed?

The ideal speed of a trolling motor depends on the type of lure, water, and fish. However, you can consider the perfect speed between 1.5 and 2.5 MPH.

Does more thrust mean more speed trolling motor? 

No, it doesn’t mean anything like more thrust ensures more speed. 

Can you have too much thrust on a trolling motor?

No, you have to choose the thrust level based on the size of your boat. The larger the boat, the more the thrust should be. 

Will 2 trolling motors make you go faster?

Yes, a dual motor can help you boost the motor’s speed.

Which is a faster 3 or 4-blade prop?

A 3-blade propeller will offer faster speed while the 4-blade propeller will highest thrust with cruising and smooth motor operation.

How many HP is a 55lb thrust trolling motor?

A motor with 55 lbs thrust contains an equivalent power of 0.84 HP around. 

Final Thoughts

To get the fastest trolling motor, you must select the right brand. But before that, you should consider your boat’s size, type, and its purpose. These factors will help you choose the right trolling motor.  Choose your fastest trolling motor from our top list. You can explore the best fit with little research and less time.

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