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Trolling motors nowadays are manufactured with advanced features to guide anglers in productive ways for fishing. So, it’s simple to be confused about which motor to choose for your small or bigger boats. Well, if you’re searching for the best trolling motor for kayak, you’re where you should be. This article is all about high-end trolling motors for kayaks. 

We have used our years of golden fishing experience with kayaks and chose the top 10 trolling motors from all the leading brands. These motors are of high quality at low cost. Check out our top list to get your desired kayak fishing trolling motor without trouble. So, why late? Let’s dive into the details!

Editor’s Choice

A Trolling Motor for Bang for The Buck

Newport Vessels Trolling Motor

To get high performance from your trolling motor, choose the Newport Vessels trolling motor. This fishing gear is ideal for its performance. It’s compatible with any water type that takes comparatively a step ahead of fishing. 

The Most Premium Trolling Motor 

Minn Kota C2 50 Trolling Motor

The Minn Kota C250 is recognized for its quality and freshwater compatibility. It also offers quiet operation, a telescoping tiller, a 10-position, and many more advanced features. 

A Beginner-Friendly Trolling Motor

Watersnake T18 ASP

If you want to purchase a trolling motor that requires no hassling effort to install and is easy to operate, check out the Watersnake T18 ASP. Its adjustable mount fitting offers an easy attachment. So, we’ve found it a great fit for beginners.

Best Trolling Motor For Kayaks

Kayaks are small size boats that precisely come in handy for fishing. However, including a quality trolling motor in your kayak will allow you to catch more fish and explore new water surfaces. The below trolling motors are the top gears in the present vintage, considering performance, features, and costs. Therefore, we’ve taken them as our top choice. 

Comparison Table

Tronning MotorShaft Thrust WeightMaterialsVoltageCompatible for 
Newport Vessels24 Inches 55 lbs23 lbsAluminum, Plastic & Fiberglass12VSaltwater
SATURN26 Inches55 lbs17 lbsMetal, Aluminum12VSaltwater
Minn Kota Traxxis36 Inches45lbs24 lbsSynthetic 12VFreshwater
Goplus36 Inches86 MaxAround 20 lbsAluminum12VFreshwater
Aquos Haswing 54 Inches 55 lbs44 lbsAluminum & Metal12VSaltwater & freshwater 
Watersnake T18 ASP24 Inches18 lbs10.48 lbs onlyAluminum12VSaltwater
Minn Kota C2 50 Endura42 Inches50 lbs29 lbsComposite12VFreshwater
MotorGuide Xi3 36 Inches55 lbslbsAluminum12VSaltwater & freshwater
MotoGuide Xi560 inches105 lbs56.9 lbsComposite36 VSaltwater
Minn Kota Terrova45 inches55 lbs37 lbsAluminum, composite, plastic12VFreshwater
  1. Newport Vessels Series Trolling Motor for Kayak 

The Newport Vessels trolling motor is ready to use in saltwater and freshwater.  It is designed with 8 variable speeds through 3 reverse and 5 forward modes. As a result, you can take your high speed to reach the fishing spot fast. And again, you can slow down the boat while necessary in terms of these speeds. 

A 6 inches telescoping handle is available to enable the anglers to control their ride better. This Newport Vessels motor is designed specifically for kayaks. So, having it for your kayak will be a plus. 

Why Do We Choose It?

It is affordable at a very low cost that you can easily manage. This motor offers a top-level performance by meeting the unique needs of kayaks. For a proper depth placement, it will provide a height-adjustable shaft of 24 inches. 

Also, a flexible battery placement is available for its additional 5.6 inches long battery cabling system.  It is a complete combination of fiberglass composite shaft and propeller. So, you’ve no room to be confused with the quality.


Multiple Mounting Options

The Newport Vessels Motor is available with not only 8 different speeds but with multiple mounting options. So, determining the exact fishing location is trouble-free. 


We recommend this motor to those looking for an inexpensive motor with high quality. Because it offers high performance with a low budget. 

Corrosion-Resistant Powder Coating

The Newport is manufactured with a corrosion-resistant powder coating paint to ensure the longevity of your trolling motor.


  • Highly durable transom mounting bracket
  • 5-point exclusive battery LED meter
  • High-quality directional lock
  • Mounting Screws


  • No GPS anchoring is included
  1. SATURN Electric Tolling Motor

This electric trolling motor ensures a clean environment and silent operation at a low cost. It is most popular among anglers because of its exclusive shaft length. And this shaft length not only fits kayaks but other inflatable boats like KaBoats, Rafts, etc. We guarantee you won’t find a high-quality 55 lbs trolling motor with this amazing shaft length.

Why Do We Choose It?

Saturn has all the unique features of a technologically advanced trolling motor. For example, it comes with a tilting throttle handle through 10 adjustable positions. So, lifting it at 45° up and down to the shaft is effortless for the anglers. The portability makes it easier to carry your way in a convenient place. For compact storage, Saturn is a unique trolling motor. 


Thrust Power

Designed with 55 lbs maximum thrust to power up the fishing operation. So, professionals consider it a highly powerful trolling motor for optimal performance. 

Flexible to Use

It provides flexible functionalities at the top speeds. Thus, you’ll get better control against wind and tide. 

Battery Reader

This motor has an exceptional battery reader to read the battery status anytime you want. The reader can show the battery charging status so you can charge it before it completely drains. This function lessens the angler’s hassle in the mid-way of fishing as they don’t have to fall into battery charge dropping suddenly. 


  • Robust construction
  • Adjustable depth collar
  • Exclusive handle
  • Well portable
  • 1 year of manufacturer warranty


  • It’s not bow mounted trolling motor 
  1. Minn Kota Traxxis Trolling Motor

Anglers always want to get their trolling motor with versatile functionality because of earning the highest comfort in each step. If you, too, want versatility, choose the Minn Kota Traxxis trolling motor. It’s a transom-mounted trolling motor with multi-functional traits like a tiller handle. Its tiller handle is extendable, and you can tilt it easily.

Why Do We Choose It?

The bracket mounts to the motor transom securely and will allow you to keep going smoothly. It’s a freshwater-compatible trolling motor with the highest thrust of 55 lbs. Also, the 42-inch long shaft length is more than enough for your kayak.   


One-Hand Stow Technology

Sometimes, it’s fumbling to stow the motor if both hands are engaged in something else. Here the Minn Kota Traxxis will prevent this problem as you can stow with only one hand. This one-hand stow mechanism will allow you to easily get the motor in or out of the water in seconds. 

Digital Maximizer

The Minn Kota Traxxis enables the motor to run longer. Therefore, you do not worry if the motor is on a single charge. It can run 5 times longer. 


Quick-Cam High-End Depth Adjuster

When you need to adjust the depth to lock the exact location, you can use the depth adjuster of this motor. It has a quick-cam depth adjuster to allow you to adjust simply and securely. 


  • Freshwater Compatible
  • Efficient for beginners
  • 2 Years long warranty
  • Lightweight


  • Pretty delicate for speed reversing 
  1. Goplus Electric Trolling Motor

To make you focused on your fishing job and also to save energy, the Goplus trolling motor can be your right hand. This motor is ideal for all kinds of inflatable boats no matter whether it’s a kayak, plastic, or wooden boat. You can use it with full enthusiasm. 

Why Do We Choose It?

When you think about all the super features in one gear, the Goplus is the only solution. Every necessary feature, from LED light indicators to adjustable shaft angle and telescoping handle, will be available with this amazing motor. What’s more, it’s easy to use, which leads it to be one of the top choices for all levels of anglers. So, why not the Goplus?


Adjustable Boat Clamp

There are 2 fixing screws that you can easily tighten or loosen to adjust the position at various moving demands. You can be worry-free about the thread screws because they won’t drop down in terms of the robust boat clamp. 

Adjustable Solid Fixed Ring

Based on the boat clamp’s position, you can adjust the solid fixed ring of the motor. This adjustment will remove the clamp-moving problem and ensure security and stability.  

Exclusive LED Light Indicator

The LED light indicator can determine the battery’s remaining power. And, when you charge the battery properly, it won’t interrupt your fishing the mid-way.


  • Freshwater & saltwater compatible
  • Lightweight design
  • Durable Battery life
  • Exclusive shaft length


  • No warranty is included
  1. Aquos Haswing Trolling Motor

If you want an ultra-light design with the maximum capacity of your kayak, you can take a closer look at the Aquos  Haswing trolling motors. A high-end adjustable lifting handle with a depth collar is attached to allow you to change the motor depth securely and quickly. Also, it provides comfortable movement at every use. 

Why Do We Choose It?

Aquos Haswing trolling motor has an exclusive design to get cruise controls and maintain a constant speed during fishing. Its aluminum alloy shaft is 54 inches long and can suit any inflatable boat. So, it unlocks your choice limitation. Also, it offers excellent corrosion resistance to set it up in saltwater and freshwater.

The stowing and deploying system is also effortless, letting you take the motor in and out of the water trouble-free. Most importantly, it can suit heavily weighted boats up to 2750 lbs. So, it will be one of the best gears for your professionalism.


Remote Control System

To conveniently control the motor at a maximum 164 feet distance, the remote control will provide the utmost benefit. This remote takes too little space so that you can keep it in your palm. And, you don’t have to be on the boat to control the motor. Rather, you can control it from the shoreside as well.  

Quick Release Bracket System

Installing or removing the motor anytime is completely in your hand with its quick-release bracket system. It’s easy and time-saving.  

Variable Speed Levels

You can dial your required speeds to get precise adjustments and improve control. Besides, its variable speed level is low power consumption. As a result, it can enhance battery life.    


  • Maximum boat length
  • Rugged durability and quiet operation
  • Great tool for a whole day fishing plan
  • 3-levels of power display 
  • Remote are USB cable compatible 


  • Comparatively bulky
  1.  Watersnake T18 ASP Electric Trolling Motor

The T18 ASP trolling motor is a cheap yet high-quality tool for anglers. For anglers looking for a lightweight and portable motor, the Watersnake is for them. As a kayak angler, you’ll enjoy its straightforward and lightweight setup without breaking the motor bank.

Watershank is one of the popular top motors because of its easy operation system with e-foot pedal controlling technology. This saltwater e-trolling motor keeps the weight down while providing quality performance. You can use this amazing motor for kayaks and all other inflatable small dinghies, canoes, etc. 

Why Do We Choose It?

The 24 inches shaft length has an adjustable fitting for all sorts of anti-impact clip traits and easy attachment. It is easy to steer with its unique This motor functions through a hand tiller to make it easy to steer. The handle is extendable so that you can use it for high comfort from any place on the boat. 

Moreover,  it works through a high/ low-speed controlling system, 3 blade weedless design with a propeller, reverse and forward switch, and many other advanced features. So, it will help you keep moving quietly on the water’s surface.


Sturdy Design

The Watershank E-motor delivers versatile functionality to saltwater anglers. It’s a transom-mounted motor with a robust design and unique features.  


This motor will be strong enough to use and also last long.


The high power compatibility allows it to suit boats at different ranges, from tennis to tenders. So, it will bring you great fun and joy while outing with your sportfishing kayak.


  • Adjustable height control
  • Exclusive mounting bracket
  • Stainless steel propeller shaft


  • You’ll have to buy its battery separately
  1. Minn Kota C2 50 Endura Trolling Motor

A motor with a suitable tiller handle, instant responsiveness, unyielding toughness, and super controlling power is the Minn Kota C2 50 Endura trolling motor. Who doesn’t want to get all these amazing facilities in one gear? So, if you want to make your fishing job easier with an all-in-one trolling motor, the Minn Kota Endura is for you. 

You’ll be able to change or reset the motor hassle-free with only a push of the button to lower or raise the motor.  Pretty amazing!

Why Do We Choose It?

It will assist you when reaching the back of the motor and provide long-term service. Although it’s simple to keep patience in fishing, you don’t have to if it’s about the Minn Kota Endura. It will allow you to get an instant slip in its back-trolling mode. 


  • Telescoping Tiller

The C2 50 Endura has a 6 inches telescoping tiller. So, it can offer an easy and comfortable operation in any fishing condition. 

  • Multi-Speed Levels

This motor features 8-speed levels where you can choose the exact speed level based on your requirements. As a result, you will get as much controlling power as you necessitate. Running your motor with the exact speed level will allow you to conserve the battery charge and run the motor 5 times longer with a single charge.

  • More Steering Responsive

You can rotate the lower part 180° with 45° tiller movement. Therefore, it brings more response for steering with a little effort.

  • Supreme Composite Shaft

Due to the stronger and supreme composite shaft, the motor won’t corrode, kink, or break.  It will surely offer a long-lasting life span assurance. 

  • Lever Lock Bracket

There’s no fear of your product’s damage because the Minn Kota Endura comes with a rock-solid lever lock bracket which is stronger than the conventional brackets. So, this bracket can resist wrapping, flexing, or UV damage to the trolling motor. 


  • Multi-functional speed level
  • Versatile design
  • Noiseless operation mode
  • Inexpensive 


  • Sometimes the depth adjusting collar keeps sliding
  1. MotorGuide Xi3 Wireless Trolling Motor

There are many reasons you should use the MotorGuide Xi3 trolling motor. It’s a wireless motor which requires no expensive adds on.  With the pinpoint GPS module of Xi3, you can concentrate on fishing tension-free.  It designed all the advanced features, for example, a heading lock system, route record, etc. Also, it guarantees 40% more quiet operation than other motors.

Why Do We Choose It?

This motor suits freshwater and saltwater with its shorter shaft length and provides an optimal fit for fishing kayaks. The Xi3 is a high-volume trolling motor to grab the fishing technique quickly.


  • Wireless Control

The intuitive remote control technology made the motor steering ready to use right after unboxing it. It is also suitable to use with a wireless foot pedal. You’ll enjoy controlling it in the palm of your hand.

  • Wireless Control

Deploying and stowing with Xi3 is 5o% trouble-free. Because a giant SecurityStep lever is included with the motor for effortless stowing and deploying. So, it will save your energy and time from bouncing from spot to spot.  

  • Unique LED Dashboard

Trolling motors designed with an LED dashboard mean a lot to professional anglers. In that case, the Xi3 grabs the angler’s attention much more than other models of MotorGuide. You can

Monitor all the functions effortlessly through its 4 LED  notifications. And, due to these notifications, you can observe the pinpoint GPS status, propeller activity, motor power, and battery durability. 


  • Built-in sonar with 83/200 kHz
  • 3-blade exclusive propeller
  • Chartplotter integration compatible
  • Accurate GPS Navigation


  • No Warranty will be available with this model
  1. MotoGuide Xi5 Trolling Motor

This is a wireless trolling motor that allows you to control the steering from anywhere in the kayak. Therefore, the Xi5 becomes a bit extra convenient to the anglers who spend their entire day on the water. 

Why Do We Choose It?

It is silky smooth and stealthy quiet for making a productive fishing operation. It can steer and stow the motor faster with full responsiveness. Considering its responsiveness, it conforms to more fishing with less waiting.  And the responsiveness of the MotorGuide Xi5 is one of the top features of this model to choose from our top list. 


LED Lights

The controller has an LED light system, so you can easily check the present status. It will help you control the key functions in any condition.

Advanced Battery Power Indicator

The battery indicator shows the results through different colour shadows. So, you can easily know the battery life status due to its 3 levels of life span.


  • Composite shaft can beat any obstacles
  • Affordable to purchase
  • Strong body construction for durability


  • It’s not saltwater compatible motor
  1. Minn Kota Terrova Freshwater Trolling Motor

The Minn Kota Terrova is designed with easy-to-deploy features. So you can slide your motor into the water effortlessly. Also, it ensures easy stowing with a unique spring-loaded lift assist trait. The e-foot pedal of the Minn Kota Terrova comes with 2 steering options. Considering this, you can bring a variety in using the steering through heel or toe plead options. 

Why Do We Choose It?

The professionals crave unique features to try, for example, spot-lock activation. And the Terrova delivers that amazing feature to allow you to be in your potential fishing zone for a productive outcome.


i-Pilot Link System

This motor is a complete i-Pilot link system compatible. Therefore, the motor-controlling task is easy from anywhere on the boat.

Optimal Universal Sonar2

The built-in US2 is essential for precise and quick fish finding by keeping the wiring and transducer safe and protected. In that case, the Minn Kota Terrova provides Universal sonar 2 or US2.  


  • Freshwater compatible
  • High-quality mounting cabling and hardware
  • Heading sensor


  • i-Pilot side finder is not included, and you’ve to buy it separately.

Best Trolling Motor for Fishing Kayaks: Buying Guide

It’s a common question among anglers how do I choose the right size trolling motor? The newbies especially get worried when they need to choose a motor for their kayak. So, this part of our article will guide you in choosing the right one. There are 8 essential matters that you must focus on. And considering those factors will help you get the best pick. Let’s know what these factors are-

Saltwater / Freshwater

You have to decide what type of water you are going through. Because the saltwater and freshwater type aren’t the same. Saltwater motors are different from freshwater in terms of their corrosion protection feature. The motors designed for saltwater are manufactured with a protective layer on every metallic part to safeguard from corrosion. 

So, if it’s about saltwater but you purchase a freshwater motor, you will get the wrong pick. However, freshwater is salt-free and requires no protective layer for corrosion. 

Mounting System

  • Bow-Mount

Some trolling motors are bow-mounted, and some are transom-mounted. A bow-mounted trolling motor can be the most convenient gear when you fish on a fork deck or open-bow rider. Bow mount motors are capable of preventing ground damage. In this case, the bow mount trolling motor, Minn Kota 360 BowGuard, performs best. 

  • Transom-Mount

The transom-mount trolling motors, on the other hand, are featured with protective brackets to balance and adjust different heights and angles. The transom mount trolling motor will assist you in immersing the shaft in an accurate depth.  You can choose any type of motor, but if you are new, the transom-mounted trolling motor will be your best option. Because the transom-mounted motor is easy to run and operate. Also, you can connect the transom-mounted motor to the boat’s stern using a simple clamp. 

Appropriate Shaft Length

Shaft length is essential to choose in the right ways to get high performance. Primarily you can choose 42 inches of shaft length because 42 inches is the standard measurement for a motor’s shaft. However, this 42-inch is the standard measurement, not a fixed length. So you should determine the accurate shaft length based on your boat size. 

We recommend choosing a shaft with a longer length while riding on the rough water level. Ensure the propeller remains 6 inches underwater when your boat rolls and pitches. It will then get an outstanding fishing experience for you.


The quality of a trolling motor is rated in the number of pounds or lbs in most cases. The higher the motor voltage, the maximum thrust. Usually, 72 to 75 lbs of the motor thrust are roughly equal to 1 hp or 746W. If you use heavyweight boats like pontoon boats, you must choose a high amount of thrust, for example, 55 lbs. 

However, you often need a 12V, 24V, or 36V version. In that case, choose the thrust based on the motor voltage, such as 12V goes with 55lbs thrust, 24V goes with 80 lbs, etc. and ensure accuracy.

Power Consumption

Depending on the boat size, you’ll have to recognize the right trolling motor. But, you should consider the battery capacity you can install to run the motor. Make sure you’ll be able to charge the battery if underway. Check how many amps the motor will draw. A 24V/54lb motor draws around 28 amps, while a 12V/44 lbs draw more amps, like 36 Amp. Remember, the giant-size motor requires more battery capacity. And, if you’re a serious and professional angler and spend a lot of time on the water daily, a 36V power motor will be the right choice, like Caroute N300

Right Size

When you ride a bigger boat, you must buy a bigger motor. However, you also should consider the current, wind action, and wave flows when determining the motor size. For every 200 lbs of boats, a 51 lbs size motor is enough, and they can control strong wind, current, and waves. Remember, the right-size motor runs smoothly and efficiently at a lower speed. Don’t forget to check out the manual to see whether the motor size matches your boat type and size. 


Is it worth putting a trolling motor on a kayak?

You should connect a trolling motor if you want full control over your small kayak. But it’s not that mandatory. 

What size trolling motor should I use for a kayak?

Trolling motor of 55lbs thrust with 24 to 36 Inches shaft and 12V battery is the perfect size for kayaks.

How fast will the 55 lbs thrust trolling motor go on a kayak?

A trolling motor with 55 lbs thrust can run five miles each hour. 

How fast will 40 lbs thrust trolling motor go on a kayak?

Four MPH is the maximum speed of a 40 lb thrust trolling motor.

What size battery do you need for a trolling motor on a kayak?

The 12V battery is well enough for a kayak to get easy operation and installation.

How long does the battery last on trolling motor on a kayak?

Usually 2 to 3 years. But it will last even longer if you can maintain it properly.

What size battery do I need for a 30 lb thrust trolling motor on a kayak?

Around a 32 amp battery will be the perfect one for a 30 lbs motor.

How much thrust do I need for a kayak trolling motor?

It depends on what size and weight your kayak has. For each 100 lbs boat, you need 2 lbs of thrust. 

Final Thoughts

A high-performed trolling motor is essential for an angler to get full control over the entire boat. It assists you in manipulating each movement of the kayak to your advantage.

So, having the best trolling motor for a kayak will allow you to prevent variables, for example, current and strong wind. Also, you can maximize your kayak’s bait or lure performance. 

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