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Although the float tube fishing boat hardly requires additional power, trolling motor for float tube is a great add-on. The float tubes are extremely handy inflatable watercraft for fishing in small water bodies. When you intend to explore the less accessible fishing zone, your float tube should have a quality trolling motor to power up. 

The float tube or belly boat doesn’t come in large shapes and sizes. Therefore, you should ensure its size can properly equip the motor and the battery to have the power supply. Also, you must be sure the trolling motor is as lightweight as possible.  Here are the 10 best trolling motors for your float tubes.  Let’s check them out.

Editors Choice

Bang for The Buck: Minn Kota Endura C2 55

To get easy control, instant response, reliability, unyielding toughness, and other ultra features at a low cost, the Minn Kota C2 55 is the superior option. It’s the top-notch choice for Pro anglers.

The Most Premium Trolling Motor: Attwood MotorGuide X3 

A VRS-compatible trolling motor can support you in fishing in any weather condition. And, if you want to get this smart incorporation on your trolling motor, the Attwood MotorGuide X3 will be your right choice. 

10 Best Trolling Motors for Float Tube

Reputation for high quality and reliability doesn’t come overnight. It comes after a certain level of user satisfaction achievement. Below are the top products we’ve selected for float tubes from all the world-leading brands. So, these motors will surely meet your requirements-

1. Minn Kota Endura C2 55 Trolling Motor

Patience is the key role for fishing, though, you no longer have to wait if using the Minn Kota Endura. The Minn Kota Endura is featured for back trolling, steering respectively and quickly, and stowing and deploying. 

Therefore, you can change the place immediately once you notice no fish there. It offers a 55 lbs max thrust and 36ʺ shaft for high performance with your float tube. 

Why Do You Choose It?

It’s the most popular motor built to last, to trust reliably, and to drive you consistently to the fishing zone.  A 10-position bracket is incorporated with the Endura C2 55 that releases a quick lever lock and boosts the composite materials that resist UV damage, warping, or flexing.

To get more steering response and intuitive operation, the 6ʺ telescoping tiller can help you rotate the indicator at 180° for a quick back trolling right away. Its 8-speed modes will offer 5 forward and 3 reverse accessible settings to enhance your fishing convenience. 


  • 5 times more battery life with only a single-time charge
  • The stronger shaft never kinks or corrodes
  • 2 years manufacturer’s warranty


  • It’s only freshwater compatible

2. Attwood MotorGuide X3 (X3-45FW-36)

Since the float tube is a small inflatable boat, it can be vulnerable in challenging weather. Installing the Attowed X3 gets you the patented VRS( Variable Ratio Steering) to position your boat fixed in your required fishing zone in any weather and water type. It’s designed with a 36ʺ shaft length and 45 lbs thrust to power up your float tube. 

Why Do You Choose It?

You can easily control your float tube through the foot-control unit and change the directional indicator using only your toe or heel. So, your hands can be busy setting the baits and lures. 

The Attowed X3 will perfectly guide you to make a noiseless operation. On the other hand, the aluminum aircraft-grade mount will ensure high performance. 


  • Easy controlling system
  • Lightweight design for a perfect fit
  • Easy to deploy the motor mount


  • It appears with a mounting issue sometimes

3. Watersnake T24 ASP Trolling Motor

The Watershank T24 comes into consideration in terms of its foot control operating system, which is easy to operate for new anglers.  This 54 lbs thrust and  24ʺ shaft trolling motor have a three-blade weedless propeller to make quiet moves.

Why Do You Choose It?

It weighs only 4.85 lbs, the ultimate lightweight design to fit the float tube the best. The Watershank is designed especially for small boats. Therefore you can use it for float tubes and kayaks, inflatable pontoon boat, dinghies, canoes, etc.  

Its digital voltage technology will allow you to check and charge the battery before it gets down. This practice will enhance the battery life. 

You’ll get all the advanced facilities like high/low and rev/ fwd speed control. Although it’s a saltwater trolling motor, you can still use it in freshwater.  The anti-corrosive paint and the stainless steel body parts made it a perfect fit for any water type. 


  • Waterproof circuit board for high protection
  • Easy attachment process
  • Anti-impact clip system
  • Extendable handle


  • The bracket isn’t included

4. AQUOS Haswing Trolling Motor 

This 12V AQUOS top trolling motor is designed with variable speed so that you can dial the exact speed level and make precise trolling with your float tube. Also, dialling the exact speed will ensure the right power consumption and let the battery run for a long time. 

Moreover, it will show the battery conditions in 3 levels 100%, 50%, and 20%. So you can plan your time precisely. 

Why Do You Choose It?

It’s a 55 lbs thrust and 48ʺ shaft length motor to offer improved control. It’s one of the top leading motors for small boats like float tubes.

The remote control system is ready to help you control your boat easily. And using the remote won’t trouble you to charge because of its USB cable compatibility. Due to its stow/deploy padel, you can even push it with your foot. 

The AQUOS has the depth collar feature to allow you to change the depth levels and lock the boat right where you need to. 


  • Ergonomic lifting handle for a comfortable use
  • Helps maintain a constant speed 
  • Lighter to use for the float tube conveniently
  • Cruise controlling system


  • Makes a bit noisy operation

5. Black Haswing Cayman Trolling Motor

The Balck Haswing is the perfect trolling motor for your tube fishing boat. You can run your float tube in salt and freshwater to change the fishing spot trouble-free.  It has a manufacturer’s touch on its metal internal and external components with corrosion-resistant protection traits. Since the shaft has 48ʺ length, you can also use it for other boat types.

Why Do You Choose It?

It has an excellent deploy stow and pedal, making your deploying job easier and allowing you to transition between your float tube and water quickly. You need no other helping hands to deploy this trolling motor.  

The Haswing Cayman is designed with a quick-release bracket to help you install or remove the motor from the float tube anytime needed. Besides, its foot control design will offer an easy and precious operation without using your hands. 


  • Corrosion protection included to protect the motor from rust
  • Suitable for several boat types
  • Comfortable to carry 


  • Ambiguous installation instructions 

6. Goplus Electric Trolling Motor

If you’ve several fishing boats besides your float tube, you can purchase the Goplus trolling motor.  To make you fully concentrate on fishing and save energy, the Goplus belly boat electric motor can be your right partner. 

This motor will be available with three thrust capabilities of 45 lbs, 55 lbs, and 86 lbs, and you can choose your best fit. But, we recommend you choose the 45 or the 55 lbs thrust as your float tube doesn’t need that high power supply. 

Why Do You Choose It?

The shaft is easily adjustable, and you can adjust the shaft angle at your required surfing necessity. Then again, reset the position and slow down as you need. This motor can meet multi-functional requirements, for example, fishing, travelling, participation in competitions, etc. 

It has a sturdy construction to suit any water type, from saltwater to freshwater. In terms of its robust and reinforced composite materials, it won’t bend, warp, or damage. 

Furthermore, using the Goplus is secure, and your motor battery won’t burn. Because when it sticks to the heavy weed, it trips the fuse before blowing and prevents motor burning problems. 


  • Adjustable telescoping handle to longer or shorter 
  • Highly adjustable propeller depth
  • 8-speed control system


  • You can have a battery issue, but it’s a rare case

7. MotorGuide Xi3 Trolling Motor  

MotorGuide manufactures its trolling motor for various anglers, fishing styles, and boats. To add convenience and simplicity to your day-long fishing trip, the wireless operation of MotorGuide Xi3 is a perfect match. You can experience the liberty to have total control over its high-tech options like-

  • Integrated sonar
  • Onscreen control display
  • Pinpoint GPS, etc

Why Do You Choose It?

This motor is easy to stow, deploy, and store back. You need no help from others while deploying or storing. It has an ideal power supply for float tube fishing. And the Xi3 enhances efficiency by providing more than 40% quieter operations than other ordinary motors. 

Its wireless remote control allows you to control the functions from anywhere on the boat (although the float tube is too small and you have no room to move, you can enjoy this feature for other fishing boats).


  • Saves time in moving different spots
  • GPS pinpoint is available
  • Durable battery life


  • It can lose its GPS sometimes

8. Newport Matte Camo Trolling Motor

The new version of the Newport Matte is an incredible innovation for small float tube fishing boats. This motor is also suitable for kayaks, Jon, sneak boats, mud boats, and other small watercraft.  It suits float tubes the best due to its lightweight design. 

Why Do You Choose It?

The Newport matte provides excellent power and high-quality components for a whole day of fishing. There’s no overheating issue, and it will also ensure a noiseless operation to catch more fish.  This motor offers a 55 lbs thrust and 36ʺ shaft with 8-speed controls. 


  • 2-year warranty
  • High-quality materials
  • Withstand saltwater and freshwater


  • The bracket is made of plastic

9. Watersnake Venom Electric Trolling Motor 

One of the most popular trolling motors is Watershank Venom due to its easy operating system. This trolling motor has 34 lbs thrust and a 54ʺ corrosion-resistant shaft. It suits the float tube perfectly with its 19-pound weight and little size. 

Why Do You Choose It?

This stylish and compact motor incorporates a digital meter display to track the battery condition trouble-free. Besides, you’ll enjoy using this gear with advanced features like a food padel simple controlling system, a 3-blade weedless propeller, and waterproof circuit board, etc. 


  • Fast multi-tilt positioning brackets
  • Sturdy design
  • Suitable for versatile usage


  • No discount will be available from the manufacturers

10. PEXMOR Electric Trolling Motor

It’s a transom mount motor with a fibreglass composite shaft, reinforced Nylon bracket, aluminium head, etc. As a result, it will ensure your trolling stability and machine corrosion resistance for better performance. 

Why Do You Choose It?

PEXMOR is one of the top choices among anglers for small boats like float tubes, kayaks, pontoons, Jon, etc. Because it’s always ready to take you on a versatile mission from fishing to surfing. 


  • Variable handle
  • LED battery indicator
  • Adjustable depth


  • It doesn’t offer alligator clamps

Things To Consider When Buying Trolling Motor for Float Tube

The following factors help you choose the right trolling motor for your float tube. Here are these factors are-

  • Thrust

Your trolling motor with 36 lbs is well enough to move around different fishing areas. This 36 lbs thrust can run your float tube at the required speed. But, if you want a high performance, you can choose 40 lbs or more thrust (considering the float tube’s size).

  • Shaft length

24ʺ shaft trolling motor is perfect for float tube boats. You can choose different shaft lengths from 24ʺ to 48ʺ or even more. 

  • Battery Capacity

Usually, the 12V AGM battery ensures high performance. However, AGM battery is expensive. You also can use the Lithium-ion battery for your float tubes. Some angler prefers a lead-acid battery, but you won’t get a good performance for your float tube. 

  • Control Options

Wireless trolling motors are the best option for easy control. The MotorGuide Xi3 offers an effortless controlling system for its wireless operations. You can pick it up. 

  • Weight and Portability

Float Tube is an extremely small boat requiring a lightweight trolling motor. Choosing a heavyweight motor won’t be a good decision. A lightweight trolling motor can range from 19 lbs to 41 lbs. 

  • Price Range

The price range depends on its thrust and features, and it will cost you less if you choose a low-thrust motor. Vice versa. Since the float tube doesn’t require high thrust, the motor won’t cost much.  

Float Tube Motor Mounting Guide

You must purchase a trolling motor mount for float tube to secure motor positioning. The most crucial concern is choosing the perfect motor mount and determining where to position it. Buy polyurethane glue from any hardware store before you attach the mount. 

  • Put the pads on the motor mount
  • Now glue on and around the pads on the motor mount
  • Allow the pads to dry for the next 48 hours
  • Now position your motor closer to the stern centre

Maintenance Tips for Float Tube Trolling Motors

Usually, the trolling motor for float tubes comes with less maintenance.  But, some of the regular tasks can increase your trolling motor durability. For example-

  • Remove the debris after each time of usage
  • Clean and keep the propeller dirt-free always
  • Clean and lubricate the shaft after a certain period
  • Don’t forget to power the motor off while not in use
  • Charge the battery once the charge level is below standard


Can I put a trolling motor on a float tube?

Yes, trolling motors are tools manufactured to install on fishing boats like floating tubes, pontoons, kayaks, etc. So, there’s no risk in installing a trolling motor on your float tube.

Are float tubes good for troll fishing?

Yes, it’s an ideal way to troll with float tubes. And it works fine in slow-speed trolling. Slow trolling speed allows the bait to attract fish while trolling with float tube. 

How big of a trolling motor do I need for a float tube?

You need a 12V trolling motor to operate your float tube.  

What type of trolling motor should I choose for my float tube?

An electric trolling motor is a good option for a float tube. Yet it depends on your necessity and requirements whether the motor should be saltwater, freshwater, transom mount, bow mount, etc. 

How fast will a trolling motor push an inflatable boat?

The speed for a small inflatable boat can be 5 MPH maximum. But the 3 MPH to 4.5 MPH is also a good speed range.

Final Thoughts

When you decide to troll in small ponds or lakes in the backcountry, a float tube is one of the ideal options. But, when you want to move to the large water body, you have to focus on your trolling motor for float tube.   

So choosing the best trolling motor for float tubes should be your priority. And it will allow you to troll into better areas and catch more fish.

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