Motorguide Trolling Motor Foot Pedal Problems: Things You Didn’t Know

Do you feel despair when you’re on your boat and the foot pedal of your trolling motor starts disturbing you? While of fishing, we all need peak resiliency so that we can catch fish in a proper way. A little disruption hampers a lot and decreases our efficiency. 

However, from that annotation, we have come up with Motorguide Trolling Motor Foot Pedal Problems that you might need to know for operating your Motorguide a bit subtly. In this article, we have solved some of the most common problems of Motorguide trolling motor foot pedals and ended up providing some extra information. We would like to request you to start your reading from now on. 

Let’s proceed together; shall we? 

Motorguide Trolling Motor Foot Pedal Problems 

Well, you may face an umpteenth of problems regarding motor guide trolling motor foot pedals. No matter what, if you do fall into problems, there is certainly a specific way following which you can easily get out of the issue. In this portion, we have freshly baked some problems and their suitable solutions. If you can go till the last, I hope you won’t have any kind of confusion regarding any probable problems. 

Let’s hop into it then…

Corroded or Damaged Wires 

What if the wires you have used in your Motorguide Trolling Motor Foot Pedal get corroded or damaged? Well, in this case, the entire machine will stop operating without pre-notifying. You might be wondering how come I know if the wires are corroded or not, right? 

Solution: Well, it’s way too easy. You just have to pick up a tool that can detect the presence of voltage in a circuit. As in, a multimeter or specifically, a voltmeter. Just add the two terminals of the voltmeter with any two random points of your foot pedals’ wire. Inspect if any voltage drops or not. 

If the answer is affirmative, then the wires are okay all the way. If not, you must have to replace or reinspect the problem. To clean the corroded wires, you can use a light alcohol solution in it. 

Abnormal Sensitivity

This problem is pretty common among all the Motorguide Trolling Motor users’. Thing is, most often the switches of the foot pedal start taking wrong inputs out of nowhere. It might seem a bit ironic but anyways, it’s a major drawback of using Motorguide. 

This problem mostly occurs due to the unusual sensitivity of the switches of the foot pedal. When the sensitivity gets upward (it’s upward by default so never really gets there) the switches start working automatically. It may hamper the operation process when you’re out with your trolling motor. 

Solution: To avoid interruptions, all you can do is be careful. There’s no technical solution for this very problem. If you want, you can adjust the controller on your own. This way, you will get rid of this problem. 

Faulty Switches 

In the previous problem, we discussed the unusual sensitivity of switches. Now, here, the switch itself might also get degraded now and then. If it happens, then you won’t be able to operate your trolling motors’ foot pedal adequately. No matter how intensely you try, it will not respond to your commands. 

Now, why does this happen? Do you have any ideas? Well, when the wiring behind the switches gets damaged or corroded (similar to the first problem), this problem occurs. So, the suitable therapy you can provide in terms of this problem is exactly like the first problem. 

Solution: As in, inspect the wirings that are responsible for operating the respective switches which are not working. If you find any wire that is defective, kindly replace that with a new one. This will fix your issue. 

However, if you truly face this issue, we would recommend you claim the warranty as soon as possible. Because, as it happened once, it might arise multiple times. So, it’s better to change the foot pedal when you have time in your hand. Fingers crossed. 

Blocked Buttons 

Due to excessive dust and other stuff, the buttons of your Motorguide Trolling Motor Foot Pedal might get clogged or blocked. This will create an extreme disturbance and won’t let you use the foot pedal correctly. 

Solution: Most often, this goes away by providing it with manual or basic home remedies. However- cleaning the button properly will erase this mischief. But you need to make sure that you’re cleaning the buttons while maintaining a specific time gap. If you do it once and leave the buttons for two years, things won’t work. Implies, a proper consistency must have been maintained. 

Foot Pedal Stops Responding 

There will be times when the foot pedal won’t respond to your trolling motor of yours. The vice-versa is also applicable here. When this happens, the entire foot pedal gets detached from the trolling motor. However, it’s a problematic issue and it needs to be fixed.

Solution: In most cases, this problem occurs due to the faulty connection between the controller and the receiver. So, to identify the problem, you must inspect if there’s any problem as in the faulty connection between the controller and the receiver. If yes, adjust them, maintain a proper way and check the wiring of them. 

Having said that, the same suggestion goes for this one as well. That is, if you’re suffering from this very problem, it’s wise to claim the warranty rather than apply DIY tricks to fix it. If you keep fixing it, it will get more and more complicated and troublesome to use. So, going for a long-term solution is always better. 

One Way Steering 

What if the foot pedal starts steering in one single way? How would it feel in times of fishing or trolling a boat? Horrible, we know. But, this is another major drawback of using a Motorguide. You don’t have anything to do because the system has already made it pretty much great. All you can do is solve this problem. 

Solution: In most cases, this problem occurs due to voltage issues. So, preliminary, you must have to inspect the voltage source of the system whenever you feel you’re facing it. If the problem gets way too stubborn; then you probably have to charge the battery. Or in some cases, you can apply some DIY remedies to boost up the charge of the battery and then give it a shot. 

However, these were the probable problems that you might face in Motorguide trolling motor foot pedals and we have illustrated more or less all the possible troubleshoots to get you out of nuisance. Now, there are other Motorguide versions which may seem complex to you to solve. As in, in terms of Motorguide xi5 foot pedal problems, you may notice some severe battery-related faults. In those cases, you must change/replace the batteries with a new one. 

This could have been the end of the story but no. For Motorguide wireless foot pedal problems; you might get confused while resetting it. We will provide you with a brief method down below on how you can reset the foot pedal. As this specific model is wireless, there won’t be any problem related to wiring. 

Lastly, in terms of Motorguide w55 wireless foot pedal problems; you might face issues with the remote as in the whole control thing. To overcome it, you can troubleshoot the remote battery or can change the remote itself. In either way, it will be a win-win situation for you. Hope you’ll overcome it. Wish you all the very best! 

How To Adjust Motorguide Foot Pedal

Though there are many ways following which you can adjust the foot pedal of your Motorguide trolling motor. But often the anglers get bewildered figuring out a specific method. For your convenience, we are showing the simplest Motorguide Trolling Motor Foot Pedal Adjustment for you. Here you go: 

  1. Firstly, place the pedal in the down position. Most anglers like this position as it seems much more comfortable. 
  2. Now, locate the vertical height adjustment knob which is placed down there. Once you have located it, lose it.
  3. Take the head of the motor and keep turning it on until you reach your desired adjustment level.
  4. Once you’ve reached your desired level, you can shut the head of the motor. 

There’s that. In this way, you will be able to adjust the foot pedal of your Motorguide trolling motor. 

Process Of Motorguide Foot Pedal Tension Adjustment

A certain amount of pedal tension must have been maintained throughout the whole time of operation. Because, if you fail to maintain it, things will go backwards and will create a disturbance. Here’s to the steps:

  1. Untie all the screw that has been fastened to the foot pedal and remove the foot pedal from the surface of your boat. 
  2. Now, locate the cable tensioning screw which is located in the back part of the foot pedal. 
  3. Once you’ve located it, your task is over. Now turn it clockwise if you need to increase the tension. In similar ways, turn the screw anti-clockwise if you need to decrease the tension. 

That’s all. This is how you will adjust the tension of your Motorguide foot pedal. 

How Do You Reset The Motorguide Wireless Foot Pedal?

Resetting the wireless foot pedal is known as syncing. So, how do you sync a foot pedal? Follow us: 

  1. Put the motor into the water and unplug the power. As soon as possible, plug the power back in. It will make the motor go towards a startup cycle. 
  2. Now press and hold the constant and anchor position button until you hear a beep. 
  3. A very sharp audible beep indicates that our Motorguide wireless foot pedal is synced or in your words, is now reset. 

There’s the procedure. I hope you get it. 

Final Thoughts

With the blink of an eye, it’s finally getting over. How’s it from your perspective? Do you still feel confused regarding the entire Motorguide trolling motor foot pedal problems? If not, it’s our absolute honour. And if yes, I would request you to go through the article once again and observe things much more precisely. This way, you’ll get everything much more thoroughly. And lastly, don’t forget to share this directory with your friends and mates. 



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