Why Is My Trolling Motor Running Slow? Know the Top 7 Reasons & Solutions

You’re here reading this article means you’re in trouble with your trolling motor. Well, we often have to answer a mostly asked question “why is my trolling motor running slow?A trolling motor can be running slower for several reasons like poor maintenance, wrong connection, old batteries, and many more.  Therefore, it’s completely impossible to answer this question at a specific point.

At this point, you’ve to go through the reasons we’re going to point out for your better understanding. Considering these mentioned reasons below, you’ll get a good answer. Let’s move into our main section!

Why Is My Trolling Motor Running Slow? 7 Top Reasons Behind

A trolling motor incorporates an electric motor that remains affixed to either the stern or bow of the boat. It leads a boat to be in the right spot and lets it fight against wind or current.

But, it can run slower than it should be which takes the entire boating process down. So, you’ve to figure out the actual reasons before you go for the solutions. And, here’re 7 top possible reasons for your trolling motor to be slower. Figure out which one is yours-

Reason-1: Poor Maintenance

Trolling motor requires regular maintenance to provide top performance. If you fail to do its accurate maintenance on a regular basis, it will become slower.

Reason-2: Old Batteries

It’s a very common reason for trolling motors to be running slower if the battery gets older. The older battery is often unable to offer high speed for trolling motors.

Reason-3: Turbulent Water Condition

While the water body is with lots of waves, the trolling motor starts running slower. Vice versa! It is because of the strong wave effects on the battery performance.

For instance, if you need 20 AMP to run in the calm water body to maintain a standard speed, the AMP will be required at 30 in the case of turbulent water conditions.

Reasons-4: Debris Condition

If the trolling motor gets debris in it, or in the fishing lines, it will tangle up in the propeller. And, this dusty condition is another significant reason to make your trolling motor run slower.

Reason-5: Wrong Connection or Wrong-Sized Wiring

If the connection doesn’t go through the right track, the trolling motor will slow down. Again, if you use any broken or wrong-sized wire, the trolling motor will also run slower.

Reason-6: Poor Prop Condition

It happens with people when they hit the stump because hitting the stump can cause the prop to become bending. 

And, if the prop gets bent, the trolling motor will become slower. Again, if the prop won’t spin accurately, it will cause the trolling motor to run slower.

Reason-7: Low Battery Charge

Battery charge is another major issue for the performance of trolling motors. The battery with a low charge will make the trolling motor perform slower.

How Can I Make My Trolling Motor Runs Faster? Key Solutions

The 7 reasons that we have discussed above are the highly recognized reasons for trolling motors to run slower. Once you can make out the exact reason among these 7, you’ll be able to solve your problem in a while. So, let us help you identify what to do if you’re having any one of those 7 reasons-

Reason-1: Solution

Since the trolling motor won’t execute perfectly unless you maintain it on a regular basis, you must focus on the manufacturer’s instructions. And, you should try to maintain the trolling motor as per the manufacturer’s guide.

Focus on taking care of the electrical system of the trolling motor like breakers, wires, plugs, switches, etc.                                                                                                                        

Reason-2: Solution

If you think the battery got older, you’ve to replace it with a new one. Make sure the battery is high quality from a reputed brand with quality features. A first-rate battery can provide longevity with high performance.

Reason-3: Solution

You can handle the strong water wave if you carry a  high-quality battery that can deliver the right amount of AMP.

Reason-4: Solution

Since the trolling motor gets slower due to the battery terminal debris, there’s no other option than to clean it. Keep the battery terminal clean before you start having a trip.

Reason-5: Solution

We all know how harmful a wrong connection can be for any device or tool. In that case, you’ve to be sure the connections you made are accurate. And,  it will allow your trolling motor to act properly.

Reason-6: Solution

We recommend you to switch to quality and new propellers if the propeller isn’t working well in terms of the water level. Choose the propeller with stainless steel or aluminum material for a better outcome.

Reason-7: Solution

Don’t forget to charge the battery 100% before you make your trip for a long time. A low battery charge never allows your trolling motor to get good speed.

Will a 3 Blade Prop Make My Trolling Motor Faster?

We can say in short, that the 3-blade prop is able to provide high-speed performance. But, you won’t expect that smooth cruising operation and the maximum thrust from the 3-blade propeller. And, this is the reason why you can be confused with the 3-blade prop performance.

Which is Faster 3 or 4 Blade Prop?

If you want only a high speed from your trolling motor, decide for the 3-blade prop. But, if you want your prop with more bite and surface area, the 4 blade prop is exactly for you.  

The 4-blade prop offers all the improved characteristics to ensure your boat’s performance.


It’s not a big issue if the trolling motor runs slower. Because it’s simple to stick to your motor’s technical problem. And, we don’t think you’re still puzzled by the question  “why is my trolling motor running slow?

Owning a boat means you’re having a trolling motor which causes you a variety of problems every now and then.

But, you already have got all the ideas as to why you can face such a problem. Hopefully, you can overcome this slow speed problem of your trolling motor hassle-free. Thanks for Reaching Us!

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