Why does my trolling motor vibrate: Things You Need to Know

A trolling motor in excellent condition enables you a whole day of fishing and kayaking. You may ignore when your trolling motor vibrates, but it may suffer in the long run. Now, my question is, “why does my trolling motor vibrate?”

There are many reasons responsible for this. If the driveshaft or shear pin is bent, you may experience significant vibration from the trolling motor. It can happen when hitting something, such as a rock or hollow tree, or it may happen if the engine has not been stored properly

You can also solve this problem. This article will talk about different reasons and solutions for vibrating. So, here we go!

Why does my trolling motor vibrate?

The Shakiness of the trolling motor can be disturbing if this is too much. So, you need to find out the reasons why a trolling motor vibrates.

Problem 1# Problems associated with propeller

Many things may not go well with your propeller like creating vibrations. These problems include a blunt propeller, an incorrectly installed propeller, a bent propeller, or a prop that does not fit properly on the shaft.

Usually, you can solve these issues by substituting the propeller. Moreover, you can start by skimming to see any visible issues. 

You can usually tell if your prop is crumpled. Sometimes it is hard to notice unless you are at a perfect angle. If in doubt, change the propeller.

Problem 2# Something is slightly bent

If the propeller shaft or shear pin is bent, you may encounter significant vibration from the trolling motor. It can happen when hitting something, such as a hollow tree or rock, or if the engine is not stored properly.

To clinch if it is the issue, remove your propeller. A drive/shear pin is located on the shaft to keep everything in the right place. It could be your problem if it’s tough to remove or bend.

Also, check the prop shaft itself. You can tell if it’s curved, but sometimes the curve is so tiny it’s difficult to notice with a naked eye. A pro may need to inspect it to ensure it’s working correctly.

Problem 3# Wrapped shaft

If something is wrapped around the trolling motor shaft, it may pressure the propeller or prevent the shaft from moving. Both problems can cause the motor to vibrate.

To decide if the shaft is twisted, remove the prop. If you find rope or weeds around the pole, remove them. Also, you may require a utility knife to remove them all.

Problem 4# The shaft is profound

In general, a trolling motor works at different depths under the boat. If it is too deep, the rod will flex too much in the water, and it may cause vibrations.

Consult your owner’s manual to decide the deepness of the trolling motor. Adjust it to the desired depth. Remember that it can be a tricky process based on your trolling motor model.

How do I stop my trolling motor from shaking?

It’s essential for an angler to stop the motor from shaking. Otherwise, the fish will flee away. Let’s have a look at the ways to stop a trolling motor from shaking.

Solution 1# Install the trolling motor propeller properly

First, make sure the motor is not running and disconnected from the power source. Extract the bolt or nut from the propeller side. Remove the propeller.

Bring the new one and constrict the nut. After that, replace the engine on your vessel. Then try it out to examine if it even vibrates.

Remember that you can try turning the propeller on the shaft 180 degrees before altering it. This simple gimmick can fix many vibration problems if you don’t find any visible issues.

Solution 2# Replace the shear pins and shafts

Shear pins are easy to substitute, but shafts are more complex. To replace the safety pin, buy a fresh one and stick it back where it was before.

The shaft will most likely be replaced by a professional. Shaft replacement is sometimes more costly than purchasing a new one, especially if the trolling motor is outdated. 

Solution 3# Clean the shaft

Ensure that the prop shaft is immaculate before replacing the propeller. If you need to clean the shaft regularly, buy a trolley motor propeller designed to remove weeds so it won’t get stuck on the shaft.

Solution 4# Don’t run the shaft too deep

Once the trolling motor is running at the correct depth, pull the vessel out and glimpse if it continues to vibrate. It may be a simple solution to the issue! Remember that you must avoid your boat going with a too-deep shaft, as it may eventually curve and need to be replaced.

How do you balance a trolling motor propeller?

Your trolling motor may vibrate for an imbalance in an undamaged accessory. You can eliminate or reduce vibrations by hovering over the propeller. Here are some ways to balance it.

Step 1: Arrange the tools

Getting the best balance is pretty easy and it costs little. You will need a wooden pin similar to the propeller shaft and a few lead tapes. You can collect the lead tapes from good stores that sell golf equipment and wedges from any hardware store (lumberjack store).

Step 2: Remove the propeller

Remove the motor base and insert a pin through the base to protrude a few inches from each end of the base.

Step 3: Set the pin

Place the pin and bracket into the jaws of an open vise or other flat, horizontal surface with room for your propeller. 

The bracket will rotate naturally so that the sober side is on the bottom. Notice the propeller hub surface, which is fronting up.

Step 4: Finish it off

Place the short lead tape pieces in the corner where you incised. Check the balance after using a small amount of adhesive tape. 

The bracket is balanced when it stops rotating when the pin is inserted into the vise. Finally, mount the propeller to the treadmill motor to reduce the vibration.  Learn more about how to balance a trolling motor prop in no time.

Final Thoughts

I think you have got all your answers to why does my trolling motor vibrate? A slight vibration does not bother many fishermen. Yet, sometimes the vibration becomes so strong that it creates some problems.

If you feel the boat vibrate every time you turn on the trolling motor, you may feel uncomfortable and insecure on the boat. Also, the vibrating trolling motor can make more noise and scare the fish. So, you have to take it seriously.

Proper maintenance can give you a good result. You can follow the methods as mentioned above to get rid of the problem. If it doesn’t work, you can talk to the nearest marine shop.

Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones

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