What Gauge Wire For Trolling Motor You Require: A Complete Guide

You can get what gauge wire for trolling motor you require based on some crucial measurements. The volts you use can primarily help you determine the size of your trolling motor gauge wire. But, there are many more variables that you have to go through, for instance, the distance between the motor and the battery, amperage of the motor, types of wire gauge, motor voltage, and many more. 

We have discussed them all in detail. So, if you want to know the right size of trolling motor wire, keep reading the details. And, make your way easier. 

What Gauge Wire For Trolling Motor

You should have basic knowledge about wire gauge stability considering its different sizes. Because you’ve to pay double for your inaccurate selection. Thus, we’ll help you get the best idea to get the gauge wire of your trolling motor. And, here are what you have to focus on-

Distance between Motor & Battery

Usually, people place the battery where there’s no risk of theft and also it can get the space available. In that case, people often place their battery a bit far from the deck. If you’ve done the same, measure the distance between your motor and the battery in the first phase and then determine the length of the wire gauge.

Remember the length of the wire gauge varies depending on the standard and codes. So, consider these factors to finalize the length.  

Types of Wire

Wire comes in two different types and you’ve to understand which types you require. In that case, knowing about the types is important. The gauge wire comes in two types and these are-

  1. Marine Grade Wire Gauge
  2. Regular Grade Wire gauge

If you want high-quality wire, you can decide on the Marine Grade wire. The marine grade wire is long-lasting along with stability and hassle-free installation. Regular Grade wire, on the other hand, is suitable for general functioning which means it depends on how big or small your boat is. If you want to buy a less expensive wire gauge, the Regular Grade wire gauge is right for you.

However, the Marine Grade comes with the AWG standard which builds it around 12% bigger than the Regular Grade wire. So, the Marine Grade wire can be the best gauge wire for trolling motors no matter how expensive it is.

Highest Amperage of Your Trolling Motor

You can also determine the perfect length of your wire gauge based on the maximum amperage of your trolling motor. If the amperage is high, a Regular Grade wire cannot transfer the current. Therefore, you must check out the highest amperage. The amperage is found either on the manual, manufacturer’s website or on the trolling motor plate.

If you select the wrong wire considering the total amperage, it can cause unexpected damage to your motor. Remember, the higher the amperage the larger the length and diameter of the wire gauge should be.

Motor Voltage 

You also can identify the right type, size, and length of wire gauge using the volts of your trolling motor. Not all motors have the same voltage ratings. It varies in 36V, 24V, or 12V which requires a wire gauge considering the highest amperage. 

Size Guide for Wire Gauge and Circuit Breaker

If you want to get the accurate size of the wire gauge and circuit breaker go through the given information below. Check out the table first-

Volts20 ft Length15 ft Length10ft Length5ft LengthCircuit BreakerAmps Drawn
12 Volts6 AWG8 AWG10 AWG10 AWG50 AMP30
12 Volts4 AWG6 AWG8 AWG10 AWG50 AMP42
12 Volts4 AWG4 AWG6 AWG8 AWG60 AMP50
24 Volts8 AWG8 AWG10 AWG10 AWG50 AMP42

Amperage Draw

In the first phase, you’ve to understand the amperage draw of your trolling motor. The amperage draw means the amount of current it draws from the motor battery. The amp tells the size of the circuit breaker.


The motor volts not only can help you determine the size of the wire gauge but it can tell what circuit breaker to use for your trolling motor.


Circuit breaker for trolling motor is important to protect the trolling motor’s electrical circuits from any bad damage. The circuit breaker should be of high amperage compared to the motor so that the breaker can deal with the amount of current passing through. You have to decide on the circuit breaker focusing on the amp draw and volts, now it can be 50 amp, 60 amp, or more.

What Size Wire Is Needed For A 12 Volt Trolling Motor?

Usually, 8 gauge wire is good enough for a 12 volts trolling motor. But, it can be altered depending on what amperage your trolling motor has, for example,  if your motor is about 50 amps, the 8 gauge wire is alright. But, the 8 gauge wire for the trolling motor won’t work in the case of 60 amps. In that case, you have to go for a 6 gauge wire size.   

What Gauge Wire For A 24v Trolling Motor?

It’s a frequent question that you might ask your manufacturer “what size of wire should I run for a 24 volt trolling motor?” Well, a 4 AWG wire gauge is sufficient for a 24 volts trolling motor. In other words, 8 gauge wire size can be a suitable size rate for your 24 volts trolling motor.

What Gauge Wire For A 36v Trolling Motor?

When it’s about the 36V trolling motor, you might get confused about whether the 8 gauge wire enough for 36v trolling motor. An 8 gauge wire works well in terms of the original wire length. So, considering this, yes, the 8 gauge wire is alright for a 36V trolling motor. 

Will 10 gauge Wire Work for A Trolling Motor?

The 10 gauge trolling motor wire is well enough for 30 amps. 

24v and 36v trolling motor wiring diagram

Let’s check out the wiring diagram of 24 and 36volts trolling motor below-


What gauge wire for a 60 amp trolling motor

10 gauge wire usually delivers the optimal performance for a 60 amp trolling motor.

How many amps does a 55lb trolling motor draw?

It comes with around 52 amps.

What size wire do you need for 50 amps?

Through this 50 amp trolling motor, you can deal with applications that require high power. And, a 6 gauge is well enough for the 50 amps trolling motor. 

Is 8 gauge wire big enough for a 24-volt trolling motor?

Well, it depends on different variables, for example, an 8 gauge wire is sufficient when the motor is more than 36 amps.

Final Thoughts

What gauge wire for trolling motor is required depends on the features of your trolling motor. Remember, the lower the wire gauge, the higher the motor power. Also, you have to focus on the size of your circuit breaker while selecting the wire size. Because the minimum-size circuit breaker cannot handle the motor amps.

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