Watersnake Trolling Motor Problems: Top 5 Reasons Why Your Trolling Motor Isn’t Working

When you decide to have a trolling motor, you must focus on the brand’s reputation in the first phase. And, Watersnake is one of the world’s leading companies for trolling motor manufacturing. But, as usual, you might have some Watersnake trolling motor problems. 

And, this is why we’re preparing this article. We’ll share 5 of the most frequent but silly watersnakes trolling motor problems and these are fortunately hassle-free to fix. 

To fix these problems you need no expert’s support. Even you can do it yourself with no mechanical know-how. Stay Tuned!

Top 5 Reasons for Watersnake Trolling Motor Problems

Technical issues that can face during using the Watersnake trolling motor can be the following ones-

Problem-1: Battery Failure

The most frequent and common problems not only happen with the Watersnake but with many other brands’ trolling motors. So, how to solve this problem? Battery problems occur due to several reasons like, 

  • If the battery wire gets melted.
  • If any of the inner parts get corroded. 
  • If any of the water plants wrap the motor, it will cause overheating, etc.


If the battery gets any of the above problems, the Watersnake trolling motor will stop working. In that case, you can fix them easily. First of all, check out whether the wiring is alright or melted. 

If so, replace the wiring. Check the battery’s ample capacity to get a proper power supply. If it doesn’t deliver the proper power supply, check out the voltage and recharge the battery.

Problem-2: Number of Speed Setting

Not all the Watersnake trolling motors come with the same number of speeds. So, you’ve to know the speed level of your motor. Or else, you might operate it at the wrong speed and the Watersnake Trolling Motor Not Working. Let’s have an example-

If your trolling motor has 2-speed settings at 20 amp and 9 amp,  and you operate it at 4-speed settings, will your trolling motor work? Ask yourself!


If the motor doesn’t work, check out whether you’re operating at the suggested speed level. Try buying the trolling motor with a wide range of speed levels like a 7-speed level will cover large power consumption. 

Problem-3: Lightweight Construction

Trolling motors come in different types and sizes considering the boats you use for. If you use a trolling motor with lightweight construction for large boats, it must not work. Construction type is a very significant issue for Watersnake’s trolling motor problems.


Consider your boat size before you choose the trolling motor construction size. If you are a canoe or kayak rower, a lightweight construction motor will be alright. When you need to deal with a heavy-duty boat, buy a heavy construction trolling motor.

Problem-4: Circuit Breaker

The circuit breaker protects the Watersnake trolling motor while the propeller gets tangled or stuck. If the circuit breaker tripped, the motor won’t run. 


But, fortunately, fixing this problem is as easy as pouring water into an empty glass. Just put the circuit breaker back and take it to the previous position. The motor will run with no hitches.

Problem-5: Salt Water Adjustment Problem

If you run your boat in the salt water, it can stop working unless it is featured for saltwater supports.


Not all the models of Watersnake trolling motors have saltwater adjustability. Make sure the motor is saltwater supported before you use it on saltwater.

How Do You Reset A Watersnake Trolling Motor?

The following steps can help you reset your Watersnake trolling motor-

  1. Turn off the motor
  2. Press the power button and let the LED turns on and wait for a few seconds
  3. Press the power button 3 more times
  4. If the green and red lights flash, the trolling motor will reset itself automatically.


Watersnake trolling motor is the most popular motor for its easy operating technology. And, having Watersnake trolling motor problems is pretty common but not having the proper knowledge to solve these silly issues isn’t that acceptable. 

If you keep a general knowledge about the basic issues, you can overcome the unwanted Watersnake trolling motor troubleshooting with ease. Hopefully, the well-featured Watersnake motor won’t create any more problems. Happy Fishing!

Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones

Anthony is an expert in fishing and trolling motor equipment, based in Austin. In his free time, he can often be found out on the water, perfecting his fishing techniques and testing out the latest gear.

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