Trolling Plate Pros And Cons: An Overall Guide for Anglers

When you decide to save a ton of gas, you are probably looking for a trolling plate. Trolling plate is a device that you can run for years with high HP without any repairing. 

It slows the boat and focuses on the prop efficiency and will never interfere with autopilot response or directional control. But, it’s often confusing to decide whether a trolling plate can be the right device to get good control over the boat.

However, if you’re new and wondering about the trolling plate pros and cons, here you go. You’ll get a complete guide. So, let’s begin!

Overview of a Trolling Plate

A trolling plate is assembled on a boat propulsion unit. The purpose of a trolling plate is to help you slow down your boat motor while needed. It blocks the motor thrust and slows down the motor. 

How A Trolling Plate Works

Trolling plate slows down the boat means to slow down the trolling speed to an ideal speed level. Its design with a patented spring hinge decreases the trolling plate’s damage through accidental acceleration. As a result, the trolling plate lasts for a long time. 

You can simply snap the trolling plate into its position by pulling the plate’s cable. When you want to get back to your desired speed, pull the cord with forwarding gear and motor idling, and then release the troller plate. It will work fine.

What is the Purpose of A Trolling Plate

The purpose of a trolling motor is to create an equal barking in the down position of the boat. It creates barking on both of the boat sides. The trolling motor delivers additional benefits to the anglers by tracking straight at ultra-low speed. 

Since the propeller isn’t restricted in the case of a trolling plate, you can maintain the steering control with other systems also.

Trolling Plate Pros And Cons

A trolling plate comes in 20 Searay with 140 IO cuddy cabins. Therefore, you won’t get any steering loss. Also, it will be available in different models depending on your fishing requirements. 

So, you can easily choose them for outboards considering the outboard’s capacity. For example, the outboard from 30 to 45 HP can go for the short models of trolling plate while the outboards from 50 to 300HP  can go for the standard model. 

But, trolling plates have some disadvantages too, for instance, they are costly. And, you’ve to mount the trolling plates permanently which can be an issue when you don’t need the trolling plate anymore. 

Does Trolling Plate Affect Performance? 

In general, the trolling plates work very well while fishing. You can bolt the plate’s fins and can increase the lift. And, it will help you slow your fishing boat to your required speed. 

So no, the trolling plate doesn’t affect performance, rather it fits stern drive motors and its outboard. It works well with the motor with up to 300HP.  

How Much Will A Trolling Plate Slow You Down

Depending on your fishing zone conditions, you can use the trolling plate and take an appropriate speed level. It can slow your trolling speed to as low as 1MPH to make sure a perfect speed. You can rely on a trolling plate for accurate speed levels even when using a big motor. 

Alternative To A Trolling Plate

If you want to use an alternative to your trolling plate, you can use a trolling bag. But, you should check out your boat types, for instance, if you troll a 4-cylinder 20 ft inboard outboard, the trolling bag will be a good choice.  

However, the trolling plate can help you stabilize in the strong wave more than the trolling bags. Also, the trolling plate is easier to control in the waves as well as strong wind. 


Trolling plate is such a great device that will get you no more crawling on your fishing. To remove your confusion on the trolling plate pros and cons, its performance, speed level, etc, this article is what you should go through. 

Choose the trolling plate considering the type and size of your boat.  Remember, if you can install the trolling plate correctly, it will provide a greater service than a trolling bag.

Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones

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