Trolling For Spanish Mackerel: 7 Top Techniques to Follow

Trolling for Spanish mackerel requires you to know some essential tips, for example, 5-7 knots of trolling speed. Besides, water temperature, spoon types, fishing areas, mackerel food, etc., are also handy while searching for trolling tips for Spanish Mackerel. 

An important fact to remember is that you’re not supposed to catch different species of fish at the same time, especially while fishing for Spanish Mackerel. Keep trolling only for specific species. It will get you a good result.

Although trolling is the most implied method for Spanish Mackerel, you must spice up your techniques to make it successful. And in this article, we’ll introduce you to the most productive strategies. So, let’s check out how easily and precisely you can troll for Spanish mackerel. 

Trolling For Spanish Mackerel: How to Do It Effectively

We have studied the best techniques to help you troll perfectly when it’s about mackerel. Let’s check them out:

Troll into The Warm Water

The Spanish mackerel comes with many other names, such as blue mackerel, narrow-barred mackerel, king mackerel, etc., and they like to swim in warm water. So these fish are usually found in the northern areas of Queensland, New South Wales, and mid in northern Western Australia. Trolling in the warm water will enhance your fishing possibility. 

Stay Focused on Spanish Mackerel Only

Remember that trolling for Spanish mackerel is a completely different fishing event. It’s not any mixed-fishing trolling event where you can catch various fish at the same time. In this case, the only way to catch more fish is to focus on only the Spanish mackerel. Catching different fish at a time will decrease the possibility of getting more mackerel.

Keep An Ideal Speed Level

Trolling speed should vary between 5 MPH to 7 MPH. Following this speed level, even 15 lbs of leader can twist no matter the number of ball-bearing swivels used. This speed level won’t stop twisting until you’re done.

Swap the Fishing Area

The fishing zone you troll should also vary. Of course, the best technique is staying in the best place where the mackerel is available. But, if you notice the bunker is busted, surely the Spanish mackerel are somewhere else. Swapping your boat at the exact place will be your right decision.

Use Small Spoon

Spanish mackerel tend to chew anchovies, silversides, and also small bait. Considering this, using a small spoon will be the most effective technique. Spanish mackerel like to have relatively small fish, so troll with the small lure.

Troll in A Clean Water Surface

If you troll in a clean water area, it will increase the possibility even more of catching mackerel. The Spanish mackerel usually feed on clean water, which brings you the opportunity to have higher visibility. Therefore, finding the mackerel will be pretty easier.  So, at the mouth along the coast and Bay, trolling on the cleaner side will be the most productive method.

Reel Quickly

Spinning the reel fast is another significant method to troll for Spanish mackerel.  Spinning the reel slowly lessens the chance. Hence, you need to reel it as quickly as possible. 

Trolling For Spanish Mackerel Setup

Here are 6 steps to make your Spanish mackerel setup. Follow them to make setting procedures easier-

  1. Take the snap and swivel the yellow line flying off the rod.
  2. Now, take another snap swivel.
  3. Adjust the inline ball-bearing swivel. It’s important because it can twist your line at high speed. So, adjust it carefully,
  4. Now take another line with a 5 ft length and tie the spoon to it. If you switch to fluorocarbon, It will increase your mackerel-catching possibility by 30% more. 
  5. So, you can use the spoon of that 5 ft line at a high speed of 6 to 8 MPH. 
  6. Now dig the line into the water and ensure the depth is 30 to 50 ft. This depth measurement will ensure the line will come up when the fish hits the line. And you can easily fight without the heavy weight.

Note: Don’t try to troll with the Tony aesthetic because they don’t perform well at high speed.

However, if you ask me, What do you use to troll for Spanish mackerel? Then I would say There are lots of trolling kits you should take with you. Among all of them, the fishing line and trolling reel are the most important kits.

How Do You Set Up A Trolling Rig For Spanish Mackerel

If you know some basic rules, you can easily troll for mackerel.  So, learn how perfectly you can set up a trolling rig that will enable you to catch more mackerel.  

There are several ways to rig the bait, but rigging it in the head is the most productive way. Also, attach the hook to the bait’s head. Ensure the body, mouth, and Gill still be sewn up. Don’t leave any large loop in the hook or Dacron. 

Again, you can rig the bait in the belly, and it will provide an incredible consistency.  Another way to set the rig is to fit the circle hook on the bait’s head top. 

Trolling Lures For Spanish Mackerel

Knowing what lures do Spanish mackerel like will take you a step ahead of productive trolling for Spanish mackerel. Here is the top list of trolling lures that all professionals use for their mackerel. Let’s check them out-

1. Clarkspoon Trolling Spoon Lures

It’s the most convenient and cost-effective trolling lure for Spanish mackerel, Stripers, Bluefish, Bonita, etc. This lure is easy to use for fishing. 

2. Clarkspoon Mt Mackerel Lure:

This lure is designed on a tree shape to cover a large water surface. Each of its 4 hook rigs has come with 3/0 gold musted hooks for great trolling. 

3. Clarkspoon Stick 2-Pack Trolling Lures:

It is designed with 4 vibrant holographic colors to allow it to hatch perfectly wherever you fish. It comes with a very sharp hook to corrosion-resistant coating. So, this lure can also be your best choice for mackerel. 


How much line do you let out when trolling for Spanish mackerel?

If you can keep the length of the line around 70 to 80 meters, it will ensure perfect coverage. Also, it will allow the bait fish to swim naturally as much as possible.  

What is a good trolling speed for mackerel?

It is said to keep the speed between 5 to 7 MPH. But it will be better if you go up to 10 mph. The faster you can troll, the more you can connect to the Spanish mackerel. 

What time of day do Spanish mackerel bite?

The Spanish mackerel may be available any time of the day. But the early morning or late evening time is much more precise for mackerel. These two times are like the prime time for mackerel. Remember, the mackerel eats a little at night to conserve their energy for daytime hunting. Therefore, avoiding nighttime trolling will be a good approach.

What size hooks for Spanish mackerel?

Hooks with 1/0 or 2/0 circles are perfect for Spanish mackerel. You can use any one size of them or even both. 

Do I need a wire leader for Spanish mackerel?

Well, the Spanish mackerel has very sharp and keen eyesight. So, using wire leaders can be an effective way to tackle them. 

How deep do Spanish mackerel go?

The Spanish mackerels are a shallow-water species and prefer getting 10 to 40 ft depth of the sand bottom. 

Final Thoughts

Trolling for Spanish Mackerel isn’t that tough if you can concentrate on it and learn a few techniques. Our 7 strategies will help you fish the Spanish mackerel much more easily. But, of course, you have to choose the fishing lines, lure, and bait perfectly. 
Remember, trolling for mackerel combines your expertise and the trolling kits you use. So, be aware of all these before you go for mackerel trawling.

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