Trolling Bag Vs Drift Sock? Which One is the Right Technique for Fishing? 

If trolling is one of your affable jobs for fishing, you’ve likely decided on trolling bags or drift socks already. But, it’s confusing whether to choose a trolling bag vs. drift sock.

Two of the most famous techniques are drift socks and trolling bags.  If you can use them accordingly, your fishing time will be properly utilized.

However, both the trolling and drift sock works fine according to their own working areas. But, which one is perfect for you? Let’s figure it out!

Overview of Trolling Bag

A trolling bag is a super alternative for fishing through drilling holes. If you want to experience the most inexpensive, efficient, and easy method for fishing, a trolling bag will be your right choice.

How it Works 

The trolling bag remains fastened in one line and attached to the line aft of the boat. The bag flipped into the vessel and pulled the rear line during the time to move for fishing. It brings the necessary speed change depending on its direction. The trolling bag works awesome in drilling holes through the outdrive.

The trolling bag, however, will help you fix the correct boat position on the water surface. It works as a smoother stabilizer in the rough water terrain and prevents cavitation. It works as a brake to redirect thrust if you’re in the down position of the water.


The trolling bag will allow you to get the top control of your boat since it works closer to the turning axis and the keel of the boat.


Your boat will be extremely slow if you use several trolling bags at a time.

Overview of Drift Sock

Drift socks for trolling are an excellent way to catch fish. It is made up of nylon or tarp-like material. If you want to have a quality drift sock, the nylon material will be your good decision. But, if your budget is low, go for tarp-like drift sock material.

Using a drift sock for fishing is comfortable and easily portable since you can fold it trouble-free. The high-quality drift sock comes in various marine-grade kits like buoys, ropes, etc.

Drift sock is an outstanding alternative for recreational boaters and fishermen. In a word, anyone who fishes in terms of kayak, boat, paddle boat, canoe, or any other type of boat can use the drift sock without doubt. Drift sock is a ready-to-use product for fishing in seawater.

How it Works

A fishing drift sock is the same as a parachute that works in water. It can work on either side of the boat which means it works on the boat port as well as the boat stem. Also, it goes well in the boat aft. The drift sock helps you to slow down your boat for fishing precisely.

It works fine if you can find out about the landmark property. And, then when you drop the bait or lures into the water, the drift sock let the boat slow down for fishing.


Since the drift slows down the speed of boat drift sock, it brings a huge advantage for fishing. Because slowing down the drift allows you to identify a specific possible area for fishing more thoroughly. Therefore, you can stick to that area for a long time and can construct more casts.  


If you cannot pick the right size of the drift sock considering your boat size, it will completely collapse.

Trolling Bag Vs Drift Sock

Let us remove your confusion between trolling bag and drift sock more visibly considering the following factors-


Trolling bags come with heavier construction and it will ensure a stronger and longer performance for fishing.

Drift sock, by the way, doesn’t get that heavier construction as the trolling bag does.


The size of the trolling bag vs. drift sock differs from boat to boat considering the boat size.

While you look for trolling bag size chart, go for the following measurement-

  • A boat with 12″ or 20″ requires a 15″ and 18″ trolling bag respectively.
  • Again, if the boat is 20″ to 24″, it requires a trolling bag size of 22″. 

on the other hand, what size drift sock do you need? It comes in the following size measurement-

  • 17, 18, and 21 Ft Boat requires a 33″ drift sock.
  • But the boat with 22 Ft or more requires the drift sock size of 78″.


You’ll get a good similarity in terms of the durability for both the trolling bag and drift sock.  To reduce the trolling speed, the trolling bag will provide the top durability. It has heavy construction with quality material which offers a longer life span.

Drift sock as the same as a trolling bag will also offer a solid body construction for high performance and surprisingly longer durability.


Trolling bags come with high performance and low cost. The drift sock, on the other hand, comes with high performance and high cost.

How Do You Use A Drift Sock for Walleye Trolling?

Well, we use the drift sock the way so that it can slow down the forward progress for our walleye trolling. Also, we set it off the stern to decrease boat swing during anchoring in the current.

It helps us to tune up the boat speed with ease. Drift sock is the most essential way for us to slow down our boat’s drift speed in terms of high winds. 

It goes through tight contours and allows us to control my boat position. Again, we deploy trolling with drift socks off the port in the back of my boat for adjusting the boat position.


Can I use a drift sock trolling?

Yes, you can. If you want to go through any body size of water with current and wind, you require a drift sock for boat trolling.

How do you troll with a trolling bag?

There’s a tag line down in the water where you’ve to fasten the trolling bag forward and flip it into the boat.

Do drift socks work in rivers?

Drift sock is likely a massive asset while you use it for the river. It is a successful method for flowing down the river in the case of high wind.

What size trolling bags do I need?

It completely depends on what size of boat you have. Depending on the boat size, you’ve to decide on the trolling bag size.

Final Thoughts

Many efficient techniques are available for fishing like drift socks or trolling bags. So, it’s simple to be puzzled about which one can be the best for fishing. Well, we don’t think you’re confused anymore to decide between a trolling bag vs. drift sock.

Although these two ways are for fishing, still you’ve to choose them based on your fishing requirements.

Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones

Anthony is an expert in fishing and trolling motor equipment, based in Austin. In his free time, he can often be found out on the water, perfecting his fishing techniques and testing out the latest gear.

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