Rhodan Trolling Motor Problems: 9 Most Common & Solutions

You need a high-end trolling motor if you want to fish on saltwater. The Rohdan trolling motor is surely an outstanding option at this point.

But, you oftentimes can face some problems with the Rohdan trolling motor speed, its GPS anchor, gearbox, etc. But these are the most common Rhodan trolling motor problems.

If it’s your first time using this trolling motor, you can identify what problems can occur and you can take pre-preparation to solve them in due time. Stay Tuned!

9 Frequent Rhodan Trolling Motor Problems

A number of technical issues can happen to you regarding Rhodan. Here are the 9 most common problems-

1. Speed Losing

The Rhodan trolling motor loses its speed because of its defective battery system.  It also happens for battery cable connections or for corrosion. The battery bad cell is another reason behind this speed loss problem.

2. Rhodan GPS Anchor Stop Working

The Rhodan GPS anchor stops working to hold the anchor lock position sometime. And, then the GPS anchor turns to 360° circles wildly. This situation is pretty annoying!

3. Rhodan Trolling Motor Doesn’t Turn On

If there’s any issue with the remote control or FOB, it won’t let the trolling motor turn on. It occurs if the battery remote won’t charge properly. Also, the low battery voltage is another cause for the trolling motor not to turn on.

4. Rhodan Gearbox Defects

Here again, you’ve to focus on the functionality of the GPS anchor. If the GPS anchor gets any fault in its functionality, the Rohdan gearbox starts having problems.

This situation takes out the Rhodan gearbox and wraps the cord around the motor tube.

5. Rhodan Remote Control Doesn’t Respond

It’s a very simple problem for anglers if the remote control doesn’t respond as it should. This remote control problem happens due to two reasons.

  1. The battery of the remote gets drained fully.
  2. The Rhodan motor isn’t locked in a well-deployed position.

6. Motor Gets Noisy

The motor can create noise or extra sound during operation if it gets traced with debris. Because debris keeps the weeds stuck on the motor propeller.

7. Wiring Problems

A wiring problem happens when you use the motor for a long time without maintenance. As a result, the cable connections get corroded and create problems.

8. Motor Shaking

The motor shakes sometimes and there’s a certain reason exists for that problem. If the shaft of the motor bent anyway, the motor will shake.

9. Maintenance Complexity

The Rhodan trolling motor comes in handy in its long-term life span. In that case, maintaining it becomes a huge issue for the angler.

The Solution to The Rhodan Trolling Motor Problems

1. Way Out to Motor’s Speed Losing

Use a multimeter to isolate your trolling motor battery issues. Check whether the battery cells and the cable connection are okay. 

If you see the reading shows optimal on your multimeter, the problems happened with the battery cables connection points. In this case, change the remaining battery with a new one.

2. Way Out to GPS Anchor Performance

 The GPS anchor stops working means the motherboard of the trolling motor gets defected. In that case, replacing the motherboard is the only solution.

Also, you can try changing the GPS antenna to fix this problem. Sadly, you cannot take all these initiatives by yourself. So, consult with the headquarters of Rhodan in Sarasota, Florida. 

3. Way Out to Motor’s Turn-On Function

Ensure you charge the remote control properly and keep the battery voltage in standard volume. If still, the problem takes place, it means you’ve to change the remote control.

4. Way Out to Rhodan Gearbox Defects

Turn off the motor as early as possible if the gearbox doesn’t work properly. Regrettably, you have no option to repair this problem all by yourself. All you can do is send the total unit for repair.

5. Way Out  to Rhodan Remote Control Functioning

Change the battery to solve your remote control issue. Also, we recommend you put an extra set of batteries with you for your whole outing.

If the problem isn’t with the remote battery, make sure you lock the trolling motor in a fully-employed position. You’ll be all done with such a silly issue.

6. Way Out to Motor Noise

Clean the motor regularly to get rid of motor noise. If it’s tough to reach the weeds corner, remove the motor propeller and clean each of the parts carefully.

7. Way Out to Wiring Problems

If the problem happens with the cable connection, change the old wiring connections, and replace a new set of cables.

8. Way Out to Motor Shaking

Check regularly whether the motor shafts are fit to run. If not, replace them immediately.

9. Way Out to Maintenance Complexity

It’s a good idea to take help from an expert for good maintenance of the motor. But, if you want to do it yourself, check out all the instructions given in the owner’s manual.

Final Thoughts

Thousands of anglers around the world have been using the Rhodan trolling motor just because of its high-end performance. So, the Rhodan trolling motor problems that happen with you aren’t that major issues.

Fortunately, you can solve these silly problems trouble-free with all the easiest ways we shared above. Our solution tips would provide you with more perspective on these Rhodan trolling motor problems, we believe.

Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones

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