Offshore Trolling With Braided Line: Things You Need to Know About

Offshore trolling is exciting as well as charming to enjoy during leisure time, especially in the summer. But, you must follow the right fishing line to thrive in your favorite fishing job. Here, the braided line comes right where you think about offshore trolling. 

Offshore trolling with braided line is the most efficient way of fishing. Also, offshore trolling with a braided line is a popular way for professionals to keep their fish catching faster and easy. 

But, you must have some important knowledge to get the utmost effectiveness about offshore trolling through braided lines. Let’s Explore!

Offshore Trolling With Braided Line

Offshore trolling is such an amazing method that works fine for everyone from beginner to pro. This wonderful technique lets you catch various fish like tuna, gamefish, marline, king mackerel, and many more.


When you want to use the braided line for your offshore trolling, you must go through some of the specific processes. For, example, you should use a baitcasting reel or spinning reel with the braided line.

Don’t forget to loosen the trolling drag because the braided line won’t stretch. You’ve to loosen the drag due to the hook and land the saltwater fish more effectively.

Another important thing you must remember, the braided line doesn’t require soaking for spooling up. All you need is to thread your braid in the eye of the rod.

Check properly whether the spool is as far ahead as possible. Now, tie a loop knot in the braided line.  You can use the braided line on the spinning reel as the braided line works superior in terms of the spinning reel.


While you use the braided line for your offshore trolling, it will offer you a plethora of advantages. The braided line remains virtually and never creates any stretch in the line. It will allow you to set the hook trouble-free in any depth of the seawater layer.

As a result, your offshore trolling will be highly sensitive to the deeper water and make your fishing easier. The diameter of the braided line is another key advantage in terms of offshore trolling jobs.


Having a braided line is a bit more expensive than other lines. Also, it can be tough to break while snagged.

Tips For Effective Offshore Trolling With Braided Line

This part of our article is especially for you if you’re a beginner at using braided lines for offshore trolling. Here are some precise tips to follow-

  • Use a wind-on-leader while using a braided line because the braided line has a little stretch.
  • Draw on at least 30 to 130 lb braid as the backing for offshore trolling reels.
  • Ensure the reel that you’ve used on the trolling is spooled tightly.
  • Simply wind on 1 or 2 layers in terms of small capacity spools.
  • In the case of large-capacity reels, you have the liberty to eat up a significant amount of spool.
  • To take up space, use up to 125 yards of braid.
  • Don’t use the most common clippers to cut the braided line.
  • Use braid line brassed scissors to get a clean and neat cut.
  • The 5Ib braided line will be the best option if you intend to fish in the calm water. It will provide additional stealth.

What Line Should You Use For Offshore Trolling?

If you want us to share our thoughts, the braided line will be the best option for offshore trolling.  But, it depends on your circumstance which line would be the best one. But, you should consider the depth of the water layer, top or bottom water while deciding on the trolling line.

If you want to fish in the deep sea bottom, you can use the 50-pound line. Again, if your destination is the sea edge, the low stretch lines are preferable.

Is It Better To Troll With Mono Or Braid?

If you want to make a comparison between mono or braided line for trolling, you’ll have to focus on your necessity. Mono lines come in quite a less cost compared to braid and they can offer a better result for knots holding things. 

Also, the mono line is perfect for catching dolphins, and Florida sailfish while the braided line is ideal for Mahi Mahi, tuna, etc. 

If you compare these two fishing lines together, research shows that the mono line plays the best in most situations than the braided line.

Mono Or Braid For Trolling Walleye

To catch walleye, you can use both the mono and braid depending on your fishing method. If you fish through live bait, the mono will be your best choice. 

Braid, on the other hand, will be the best only if you fish through lures or jigs. So, we cannot say specifically that mono or braid is the best.

Final Thoughts

While you decide on offshore fishing, go for offshore trolling with braided line. It will allow you to get the proper utilization for your fishing time. Braid is great for offshore trolling and all it requires is to use it properly. Happy Fishing!

Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones

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