5 Most Common Motorguide Xi3 Problems & Solutions

The whole day fishing is no more hard work for anglers if you use the Motorguide xi3. Its lightweight design, two shorter shafts, and highly secured step system featured it simple to deploy and stow. When other brands’ motors create a loud noise, the xi3 comes with a completely silent mode that adds another point to its popularity. 

However, in spite of all the outstanding features and specifications, you can face some Motorguide Xi3 problems. And, the most common and frequent Motorguide Xi3 problems can be subjected to its remote,  anchor, GPS, control board, etc. 

But, nothing to panic about! We have come up with all the possible solutions considering these sorts of frequent problems.  So, you can seek out the reason for the problems and the solution. It will be easier for you to stay in control to get the high value of your trolling motor at the end. Read On!

Motorguide Xi3 Problems

There are 5 common problems that anglers often face in terms of the Motorguide Xi3 trolling motor. So, here in this section of our article, you’ll learn about the problems along with their solution. Let’s see what these are-

Problem-1: Motorguide Xi3 Remote Problems

The most frequent and common problem occurs with the remote of Motorguide Xi3. If you notice the remote buttons aren’t pressed simultaneously considering 10 seconds of the time range, it means the remote stops working.  

Solution: You can easily solve this problem by reprogramming the remote function. To do this reprogramming process, you must unplug the motor from the power source for safety.

Problem-2: Motorguide Xi3 Steering Problems

There is often a friction adjustment hassle that occurs on the Xi3 steering. If it happens, you’ll be in trouble turning the motor. The motor will start turning on its own. It happens due to the high power setting inaccuracy.

Solution: Stop using the Xi3 constantly to solve the steering problem. Still, if you face the problem, there might be a broken skeg. Replacing the skeg will be the right solution in that case.

Problem-3: Motorguide Xi3 GPS Problems

Since the spot lock of Motorguide Xi3 works depending on the GPS signal, it’s normal for it to stop working if there’s no signal. Also, if there’s a weak signal, the spot lock won’t work.

Solution: GPS cannot provide the signal when you are in a place with a weak satellite connection. Therefore, you should be in a place where the GPS finds a strong signal. Again, we recommend you avoid staying under bridges as the bridges often block the signal that comes from satellite overhead.

Also, if you fish around a narrow gorge that has mountains and cliffs on both sides, GPS won’t signal. In that situation, move the boat where the signal is strong.

Problem-4: Motorguide Xi3 Anchor Problem

If the anchor mode keeps beefing to flash the Xi3 GPS light frequently every 5 or 10 minutes, the anchor has got some problem with it. The anchor got such problems for several reasons, for example, the poor wire connection.

Solutions: Go to the manual mode and check out the wiring connection. Take the connections apart and try cleaning them if possible.

Problem-5: Motorguide Xi3 Control Board Problem

The Xi3 control board can be damaged sometimes without any noticeable issue. But there are some significant issues like your charging system to battery. If you charge the battery without disconnecting the Xi3 motor, the control board will be damaged.  

Solution: To avoid the control board problem, turn the motor switch off before you charge the battery. Ensure the Xi3 motor is disconnected properly.

How To Factory Reset Motorguide Xi3

To reset to factory Xi3, you have to locate it in a place with a strong GPS signal. And, it should be both under and above the water surface to get an accurate compass calibration performance. Here’s how you can reset the factory to Motorguide Xi3-

  1. Deploy the Motorguide Xi3 to make sure you’re in the right spot.
  2. Hold the Xi3 manual mode and press 1,1,1 and you’ll hear 3 beeps.
  3. Use the primary propulsion to slow the boat.
  4. Now, you can reset the factory Motorguide Xi3 by pressing the 1,1,4 button.
  5. Operate the GPS technology system.
  6. You’re Done!


Is MotorGuide made in China?

No, the Motorguide is made in the USA.

What company owns MotorGuide?

The Motorguide trolling motor is owned by the world’s leading manufacturing company Attwood.

Does MotorGuide have a lift assist?

Lift-Assist of a trolling motor helps to cut the stow weight to make it as trouble-free as an SUV tailgate. And yes, the Motorguide has a Zero-G pneumatic lift assist system which is compatible with HD+ universal sonar.

Can I add GPS to MotorGuide Xi3?

Well, you have a good option as to whether you want to have GPS or not. If you want, you can buy this trolling motor with the GPS already included or you can add it as additional accessories to your Xi3 in the future as per your necessity. 

Does MotorGuide have a spot lock?

Yes, it has a great spot lock system to keep the boat stable even in the strong winds.  

Does MotorGuide have a pilot?

Yes, it has.

Is Minn Kota better than MotorGuide?

Minn Kota trolling motor is surely a step ahead compared to the Motorguide because of its number of advanced features. 

Final Thoughts

With more than fifty years of experience, Motorguide introduced their latest version of the Xi3 trolling motor. Considering the quality and performance, the Motorguide Xi3 can be your best choice for fishing. It offers a plethora of advanced features, for instance, the wireless standard control system. 

But, you can fall into some of the Motorguide Xi3 problems. And, these are the common issues with the easiest way out. We’ve mentioned the 5 most regular problems that you can face every now and then while fishing. So, this article is about what problems you can face, and how to solve them. 

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