Why Does Minn Kota Trolling Motor Won’t Turn Left Or Right: Things To Know

Are you in the middle of your fishing trip, and your Minn Kota trolling motor won’t turn left or right? It may end the trip and many reasons are behind this.

A broken propeller pin can be a crucial reason why the engine propeller won’t turn left or right. Also, a damaged cable can cause problems. It means you may have an electrical issue. 

Waste from the water may have stuck to the engine. It may stop turning your trolling motor. Read till the end of this article to find out more about it with possible solutions.

Minn Kota Trolling Motor Won’t Turn Left Or Right 

Many reasons behind a trolling motor that won’t turn left or right. Let’s have a look at them.

Problem 1: Broken propeller pin

The broken propeller drive pin will allow the propeller to turn freely and disengage from the motor. If you can’t turn the prop with your finger, you may have a busted drive pin.

A damaged grub screw can cause the prop to loosen and rotate freely. The drive pin may be available near the propeller. Moreover, the drive pin may break if the propeller hits a hollow log or underwater obstacles. They are more prone to break with old float pins.

You need to hit something hard to break the stainless steel pin. The shear pin will inevitably break in a collision. However, it protects the motor from damage.

Problem 2: Rust and Corrosion

Rust may form on the engine head. Also, corrosion may probably affect the electrical parts inside the instrument. In fact, any propeller damage can prevent them from turning. 

Remove the outer cover from the engine with a screwdriver. Then visually examine each part of the engine head. Rusty or broken items may be found.

Problem 3: Defective connection

Incorrect connections can lead to trolling motor failure. You may also have problems with the rotation of the propellers. That’s because components on the motor head or the control box are loose after heavy use.

If you find a loose connection, check out all the engine head parts. Don’t disable anything until you’ve completed the test. Pull the caps from the control panel and check all connections.

Problem 4: Sticky accessories

Sometimes on the fishing tour, there can be a problem preventing the propellers from turning without damaging the engine. Similar issues can arise with the pedal motor.

How to Fix A Minn Kota Trolling Motor That Won’t Turn Left or Right?

Solutions are pretty straightforward than the problems. So, Let’s find them out!

Solution #1

To terminate your anchor nut, unscrew it from the propeller cover. Withdrawing and reinstalling props is a straightforward process you can complete in a few minutes.

Tighten your anchor nut cover with the wrench when it is in place. Replace the pins if they remain on the cover after removing the battery.

Solution #2

Extracting and replacing rusted or broken components is simple. You must specify the component name in the user manual. You can then order a spare Minn Kota online. Buy a  new propeller if it is damaged permanently.

Solution #3

If you discover disconnected cables, reconnect them to the correct location. You should check both the engine and transmission. See the user manual for connecting them.

Solution #4

You must remove your trolling motor when you turn it off. Items such as seaweed or twine can get caught in the spacers. Be careful not to harm the propellers by removing everything around them.

Before you continue, make sure it works again. If so, then the battery-powered propeller may just be loose. Open the engine head and gearbox to fit the connections.

How Do You Adjust The Steering On A Minn Kota Trolling Motor?

If the pedal is recessed, remove it from the boat to make it movable. Unscrew the four screws under the drive head, immediately below the arrow. Grab a screwdriver and ease the screw near the pedal. 

Then, put a scar on your screwdriver, and you will know when you loosen the screw about 360 degrees every time you’ve turned it. Start at about three and check the cable to find any slippage. If not, continue one full arch at a time, watching your turns until you remove the wire from your pulley. 

It allows you to acclimate the pedal forward or backward. At this point, set the direction arrow similar to the motor head direction. 

It should point forward. Re-insert the cable into the pulley, tighten the screw as often as it was in the original, and check your foot pedal. 

Push the foot pedal all the way forward and back to the engine head, and push your pedal to the engine head back, hence the significance of aligning the arrow with the engine head. Continue to loosen the screw and adjust the pulley till it is done to your preference.

Is There A Reset On A Minn Kota Trolling Motor? 

Yes, there is a reset on a Minn Kota trolling motor. You must press the small button on the circuit breaker’s side to restart the engine.

Each trolling motor has a circuit breaker connected to the battery wires. However, manual reset differs from the fuses. After the circuit breaker trips, a small black button will be pressed, indicating the power is off.

Final Thoughts

Like other mechanical devices, trolling motors can be complex. They often run into technical problems. An annoying motor may not always indicate replacing the entire assembly, as you may find some issues that the user can solve independently. 

If you read the whole article, I hope you will understand that Minn Kota’s trolling motor isn’t turning properly. It is not a big deal. The problem may seem complex, but the solutions are relatively simple. If you can’t do it alone, you can get help from our support center.

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