Minn Kota Trolling Motor Barely Spins:Things You Need to Know

For several reasons, the Minn Kota trolling motor of yours could stop spinning. Don’t get tense because it’s very common in recent times. Anglers who use trolling motors front this most frequently. In this directory, I will try to solve this problem as the Minn Kota trolling motor barely spins. After the end of this article, you won’t have any confusion regarding this very topic. 

Firstly, I will demonstrate to you why this problem occurs in trolling motors. And based on the problems, I will try to deliver you some simple and easy troubleshoots. I hope this article is going to be interesting all the way. 

So, fasten the seatbelts, and let’s jump together…

Minn Kota Trolling Motor Barely Spins – Here’s to the Reasons

To be very straightforward, your Minn Kota trolling motor might stop spinning for many reasons. After scouring the internet and merging things with my trolling motor using experience, I’ve selected three major issues to discuss with you. I hardly believe that your trolling motor must have been enduring one of these- 

  1. The drive pin of the propeller might get broken
  2. The armatures or brushes are bad
  3. Electrical issues regarding switch and control board. 

However, to troubleshoot, you must identify the problem first. Otherwise, you won’t be able to solve the problem. No worries, I will illustrate all these problems right here. Get into the article with the flow- 

Broken Drive Pin 

The propeller is made using very durable materials, i.e. stainless steel. Because, under the water, it could come into contact with heavy and hard materials. If so, the thing might get broken into pieces. But whatever, if you have somehow broken your one, nothing really matters now. 

In case you’re dealing with this very thing, the broken drive pin of the propeller won’t let the trolling motor spin. Firstly, you have to identify it. Inspect the back of your propeller and locate the drive pin. Using your fingers, try to turn the propeller and inspect if it spins freely or unduly. If yes, then it’s time to get yourself a new propeller because the current one is over already. 

Wrecked Armature or Brushes

How does a trolling motor work? Or where does it get the power from? Do you know? Well, apparently, in a trolling motor, the current gets converted into mechanical power in the trolling motor and provides the motor with the required energy. And this entire conversion gets conducted with the armature. The AC flows all over the armature and gets converted to mechanical power. What if it gets degraded? Plain and simple- the motor will stop working or will barely spin. 

Along with the armature, the brushes might get degraded. To check the brush, carefully unwrap the lower-unit housing of your trolling motor and see if they’re okay in terms of shape or not. 

Also, if you don’t practice cleaning the motor regularly, the armature could also get wrecked in this case. To sum up, hygiene is a must. No matter if it’s a machine or a human. 

Bad Control Board and Control Switch

In most cases, the control switch gets short while providing the motor with power. Not actually the motor. The control switch delivers power to the armature in order to conduct the conversion from one form to another. As I discussed in the previous part. While doing all these, the path might get short due to any kind of unwanted act. 

However, to check if the control switch is okay or not, access the top part of your trolling. And check if everything’s okay. If not, you have to move on to the troubleshooting process or, in some circumstances, need to replace the switch with a new one. 

Troubleshooting: Minn Kota Trolling Motor That Barely Spins 

Okay, I won’t take too long here. Assuming you’ve proceeded through the last part and drifted your boat in here. Implies, you might already have identified which problem your trolling motor is facing and why it doesn’t spin. Let’s directly get into the solution- 

  1. In case you’re having issues with the propeller- inspect it and try to get yourself a replacement. Because there’s nothing you can do to fix a broken propeller. If you do it eventually, it will get shattered again and won’t be able to tackle pseudo loads. So, replacing it won’t be futile. 
  1. In terms of the armature or brushes, detach the lower section of the trolling motor where these parts are normally located. Use a marker while you’re isolating things so that you don’t mess up while replacing. Now, get a multimeter and check the resistance of the armature. If it shows zero resistance, then it might have gone bad. In this case, replacement is the wisest option of all. On the flip, if the problem occurs with the brushes, you just have to clean them adequately. This way, you will get over it, I believe. 
  1. However, if the problem happens with the control switch, you still have to replace it. Not all the spare parts are fixable. All you can do is inspect and see if the part is okay. But for further operational activities, getting yourself a replacement is wise. And there’s that. 

Nonetheless, if you’ve brought your Minn Kota from an authentic dealer, you most likely have availed a warranty that includes all these spare part replacements. If so, contact the dealer and avail those. This will reduce your cost, and thus you will get more effective and authentic replacement parts. 

How Do You Make A Trolling Motor Spin Faster

To inflate the speed of the trolling motor, you can allude to many suggestions at random. This includes changing the batteries of your trolling motor, throwing away the extra weights, replacing the engine, and giving the motor some servicing sessions while it doesn’t spin. To know more about this, kindly hit on this link

Final Thoughts

Alright, homie. It’s farewell time. Assuming you have had the most straightforward and simple troubleshoot ever. If so, don’t forget to thank me. In case you feel spiny regarding any of the portions of this article, don’t hesitate to read the article again. And share this directory with your friends and mates and help them to increase their fishing efficiency. 

And finally, HAPPY FISHING! 

Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones

Anthony is an expert in fishing and trolling motor equipment, based in Austin. In his free time, he can often be found out on the water, perfecting his fishing techniques and testing out the latest gear.

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