How To Use Drift Sock For Trolling:Things You Need to Know

Having a good-grade drift sock is not at all bad as long as you know how to operate it correctly. Anglers worldwide face this problem and get bewildered when they don’t find the exact method of using drift socks in their fishing boat. 

However, it’s time to stop asking how to use drift socks for trolling because I have come up with this very authentic directory which will get you to the process, and you will end up being a pro in terms of using drift socks. 

Get yourself to the end of this article and read every individual detail thoroughly. This way, you will get things more accurately. Let’s jump into it then…

What is Drift Sock?

To be very specific, a drift sock is a parachute-like thing that fishermans’ often use to control their boats’ movement and or hold the position while the boat is anchored in a certain place. In recent times, it has become way too popular amongst all genres of fisherman to use this very tool for catching fish. 

Especially catfish. This basically slows down the boat’s speed or helps the boat to move onward, maintaining a constant velocity. For controlling the boat in times of wind, using a good-grade drift sock could be the most useful alternative of all. 

However, for trolling or fishing, the implementation of a drift sock could be a saviour for any angler. As it can control the movement of the boat, you can use this for trolling as well. And using drift socks for trolling has become a popular practice lately. That pretty much sums it up. 

Drift Sock Size Chart

Yes; you guessed it right. Size does matter! How come, right? Well, if your boat is big in dimension and you proceed with a moderately small drift sock, the purpose won’t be fulfilled. You might wonder why, isn’t it? This is very simple. Smaller drift socks don’t have enough competency to control your big boat. So, you definitely need to get yourself a large drift sock if you want to conduct the operation. 

This is why a detailed size chart is presented down below for your convenience. Get yourself through this chart and buy drift socks accordingly-

Boat SizeDrift Sock Size
14’ or aboveS
16’ or aboveM
14-18 ftL
16-22 ftXL
16-22 ft2XL
18-22 ft3XL
18-26 ft4XL
20-26 ft5XL

You can follow this exact size chart no matter what your intent is. Just get yourself your desired drift sock according to this. And later on, you can use the drift sock for numerous purposes, such as trolling. 

How to Use a Drift Sock For Trolling?

You can either attach the drift sock to the aft of your boat or on the stern. Following some situations, you can use the drift sock in both of these two parts. However, all these depend on the user’s intent. But before we jump into the procedure, you must need to know about the prerequisites needed for conducting this process. Isn’t it?

First of all, you need to find a precise location where you may get fish. This is obvious. But there are mandatory tools that have more importance than the illustrated one. You will need to have many of the parts at random. Such as clips, snap hooks, cleat locks and stuff. You can get all of them solely. But in my perspective, getting yourself the H2o Anchor Trolley Kit would provide you with all the necessary materials at once. 

After managing the kit, you can proceed to the following steps- 

  • Attach one side of the harness with the aft of your boat. You can attach with the stern whatsoever.
  • Attach the other end of the harness with the harness strip of the drift sock.
  • Tie all the joints in a good manner so that the drift sock doesn’t disappear in the water.
  • Put the sock in water and allow it enough time so that it can be spread over the area of the water correctly.
  • Now, release ropes from the boat as much as you require. If you need top-notch control over the boat, you can release more ropes and vice-versa. 

Now, everything is all set. Carefully inspect the drift sock and its movement. Over the time being, your boat will slow down, maintaining a very diplomatic rate. And when you feel like ending the process, you can simply pull the sock using the ropes you discharged previously. Yes, it’s this simple! 

How Do You Make a Homemade Drift Sock For Trolling?

Having a good-grade drift sock is ultimately bliss if you’re an angler. By the way, it’s not always mandatory to purchase one for use. Rather, you can also get yourself one by making it yourself. In other words, by DIYs! Sounds fascinating right? Let’s get to the processes then- 

Here’s what you will need- 

  1. Plastic Tarp
  2. Carabiner 
  3. Paracord
  4. Weight (any type of dead weight will work fine)
  5. Duct Tape 

Here’s the DIY procedure-

  • In the first place, take two pieces of plastic tarp and apply duct tape to it in order to attach two pieces. You can measure the size of the piece according to the size you’re wondering about. Make sure that the hole size is adequate. Don’t make it too small, don’t go for too big one either. 
  • Now, attach two carabiners on either of the tarp’s edges. On one edge, add some dead weight so that it can hold the loop. Keep the other edge as it is. 
  • Now, connect two carabiners with a heavy-duty paracord. Make sure to pick up the best paracord; otherwise, you’ll have complexity during the operation. 

However, there’s the end of the process. Make sure to keep the backside hole small than the hole on the front side. And as the sizes vary in terms of different boats, you will have flexibility in selecting the valid drift sock size. 

There’s that, mate. I hope you will crack it. Bucketlist checkpoint! 


How Much Will A Drift Sock Slow You Down?

It depends on the size of the drift sock, though. If I generalise, typically a 60” drift sock and slow down the speed of your boat from 3.1-3.3 to 1.5-1.7 miles per hour. This is undeniably insane!

How are Drift Socks Measured?

The measurement of drift socks gets conducted according to their diameter as well as the circumference. And exactly like the other diameter calculations, you can get the idea of your drift sock size by mathematically measuring these two utilities (diameter and circumference). 

Will a Drift Sock Work in Current?

Applying current throughout the drift sock will inflate it and will pin it to the position of your boat, literally. However, this isn’t worth it in terms of boats (fishing boats generally). If you want to apply for Kayaks, you definitely can do that without any further hassles. 

Final Thoughts

We have come to the very verge of the article. Now, it’s farewell time. I would like to suggest you share this directory as it contains a lot of useful information regarding how to use drift sock for trolling. And, reread the entire article no matter when you will be in need. 

Go Forth and Conquer!!

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