How To Mount A Trolling Motor On A Ski Boat: Total Breakdown of Mounting The Trolling Motor

How To Mount A Trolling Motor On A Ski Boat
How To Mount A Trolling Motor On A Ski Boat

Trolling Motor on boats helps them to maneuver nicely in any circumstances. These motors ensure better control of the boat and easy operation. So, having a trolling motor has become a must if you have a boat. 

But there’s a wide variety of boats out there. And not each of them is designed to install a trolling motor since trolling motor is relatively a new idea. But boats have been there for generations. So, the designs in specific types of boats aren’t suitable to mount a trolling motor. 

Ski boats are a type of boat that is used for skiing. Besides, nowadays people also use ski boats for fishing. But mounting a trolling motor is quite challenging, but not impossible. 

In this article, we’ll share a step-by-step guide on how to mount a Trolling Motor on a ski boat. Let’s begin.

Types of Trolling Motor According to Mounting Options

You can find many kinds of trolling motors out there. Basically, there’re four major types of trolling motor. They are:

  1. Bow Mount Trolling Motor

This type is the most demanding and straightforward to use trolling motors. It mounts on the bow of the boat while applying a pulling force to move the boat further. 

It becomes easier to steer the boat as it applies pulling force than pushing, and it also gives them better control over your boat. Besides, these motors have different controlling options like hand, foot, and remote control.

Bow Mount Trolling Motor
bow mount trolling motor
  1. Transom Mount Trolling Motor

They’re the second most popular trolling motors among the anglers. These motors are mounted at the back, the stern of the boat. 

Transom Mount Trolling Motor applies a pushing force and helps the boat to move faster. Although you don’t have a lot of control options here, they’re still a good choice for smaller boats. You just need a clamp to set the trolling motor on the boat. 

Transom Mount Trolling Motor
transom mount trolling motor
  1. Engine Mount Trolling Motor

Engine Mount Trolling Motors are more of a compact kind than the other two we just talked about. This trolling motor is set near the cavitation plate in the lower unit. So, it occupies less space. 

It’s controlled with a wired remote. But these kinds of trolling motors are more challenging to control and have more minor features. 

Engine Mount Trolling Motor
Engine Mount Trolling Motor
  1. Trim Tab Mount Trolling Motor

Trim Tab Mount Trolling Motor can either be located in the pockets of your boat or the stern side. And the control would be in your boat’s panel. These motors are designed to maintain an equivalent bow rise. 

When you speed up your boat, it often makes excessive bow rides. If you install a Trim Tab Trolling Motor, it’ll control that and stabilize your boat from dangling.

Trim Tab Mount Trolling Motor
Trim Tab Mount Trolling Motor

Best Place to Mount Trolling Motor

As each trolling motor is engineered differently, you can’t select an ideal place for all types to mount them. Besides, you’ve to consider the boat design too. 

So, when you buy a trolling motor, make sure that it matches your boat’s specifications. 

Bow Mount Trolling Motor is the most popular and used in boats among all trolling motors. Because mostly the bows of every boat are alike, it isn’t a massive headache to mount Bow Mount Trolling Motor there. 

What Do I Need to Mount a Trolling Motor?

You need a trolling motor of your choice and the necessary hardware to mount it on your boat. You may need some quick release bracket or trolling motor mounting clamps for stable mounting of the motor. 

How to Mount a Trolling Motor on a Ski Boat

Ski boats usually don’t have a flat surface to mount Transom Mount Trolling Motors. So, Bow Mount Trolling Motors are an excellent option for them. Let’s get started to mount the trolling motor on the bow of your Ski boat. 

Step 1

To begin with, you need to mount the quick-release bracket on your trolling motor. The quick-release bracket includes two pieces of brackets. One is more extensive, and the other is smaller. 

Replacement Bracket

First, unscrew the side cases of the trolling motor and keep the screws in a safe place. Flip it over, so the motor’s bottom comes upward. 

Then take the bigger bracket, which has a larger end. And screw the bracket on the bottom surface of the trolling motor with a screw driver.

Step 2

Now, take the whole unit and place it on the bow of your boat. Select an appropriate location where you want to set up the trolling motor. 

Ensure you get access to the other things on or beside the bow, like, the anchor chamber. Don’t block the seating area. 

Make sure the groove of the trolling motor clears the rub rail and everything. Because when you use the trolling motor, the shafts will come down and set in here. 

At this point, mark the sport with a pencil drawing the outside of the bracket.

Step 3

Your trolling motor should come with cardboard templates of the bracket. Cut the template drawn accordingly. And use the larger template to mark the inside of the larger bracket on the selected spot. 

Step 4

Take the smaller bracket and set it on the mark you made. If that fits the spot right, it’s okay. 

You have to mark for making new holes in the bracket if it doesn’t. Mark with a pencil and drill through the smaller bracket. 

Step 5

Position the smaller bracket on the mark you made on the boat. Drill on the screw holes through the bracket to the boat surface. 

Set aside the bracket once you feel you made the right drills. Now directly drill on the screw-hole marks on the boat. Repeat the same process for all the screws.

Glue some strong adhesive like 4200 on the holes of the boat and the surface of the marked area. It’ll ensure a tight hold. Besides, it won’t let the water come through.

After that, mount the smaller bracket on the boat.

Step 6

Set the trolling motor on the smaller bracket. Put the big latch to adjoin the fittings of the trolling motor with brackets nicely. Set the little pin as well, and you’re done.

Step 7

The next step is to mount the heading sensor. Then turn on the boat and electronics. Press the pair button on the trolling motor, and it’ll pair with the sensor. 

Run the motor and see if it’s working correctly using the remote control or whatever controller it has.


How do you transfer a Transom Mount Trolling Motor to a Bow Mount?

You have to turn the head of the trolling motor to 180 degrees and mount it to the bow. To turn the head of the Trolling Motor, loosen up the set of Hexhead screws on the neck of the Trolling Motor. 
Then, unscrew the bolt situated in the center of the shaft. Turn the head to 180 degrees and put the bolt inside again. After that, mount the unit to the bow with a bracket. You may need some extra wirings if the existing wires are short.

Can you mount a trolling motor on a canoe?

Canoe is a way smaller type of boat than all other boats. So, there’re some factors to consider before mounting a trolling motor on it. When you shop for the motor for your canoe, keep in mind the size and weight of your boat.

Can you mount a trolling motor on a canoe?

Yes, you can convert a Bow Mount Trolling Motor to a Transom Mount. For that, you need to turn the head of the trolling motor and use a clamp to mount it on the stern of the boat

Final Words

Now, we’ve discussed how to mount a trolling motor on a ski boat; you won’t have to trouble yourself asking someone else about it. We believe in you. 

While you go for the trolling motor for your ski boat, make sure you merge the needs with the offerings. Your boat size, weight, and capacity matter a lot. Likely, the shaft, thrust, maneuverability of the trolling motor matter.

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