How to Mount a Transducer on a Minn Kota Trolling Motor(2023)

How to Mount a Transducer on a Minn Kota Trolling Motor
How to Mount a Transducer on a Minn Kota Trolling Motor

Who doesn’t want to gear up to track and pray on the school of bass every time they head offshore? And if it’s a simple gear that increases the odds significantly, anyone will barely fall from the list. 

Yeah, you heard about right. The transducer is sure as hell a deceiving factor in your fishing success. And your decision on trying out a transducer on your Minn Kota definitely deserves accolades. 

Installing a transducer is no rocket science. Just following a few steps on how to mount a transducer on a Minn Kota trolling motor, you could be up and running. 

Forget about the anglers who made it look super hard to bring down. 

Importance of Installing a Transducer on a Trolling Motor

Often people get confused with where to install the transducer for best results and convenience.  Even pro anglers don’t miss out on falling in this group. To be fair, this isn’t that hard to choose from the available options. 

Installing the transducer under the hull is, by default, a complex alternative. You might require a professional hand to seal the deal and properly wire it.

In contrast, you can simply install it yourself by following a few easy steps. Ask any angler, and we bet the answer will be the same. 

But if you still aren’t convinced and still confused about should I mount transducer on trolling motor, then the next session will surely come to your aid. 

Here are some pros and cons of mounting transducer on trolling motor listed down for your further convenience. 


  • Easy to adjust and maneuver 
  • Effortless maintenance and repair 
  • Less complicated installation process
  • Incredible front view of the field 
  • Super ease at control and management


  • The wiring might get damaged if not installed properly.
  • View might get noisier when the motor is running.

How to Mount a Transducer on a Minn Kota Trolling Motor?

When you’re just stepping into the game, how to mount a transducer on trolling motor is a crucial question to counter at first. A transducer mounting process is as simple as even your eighth-grader cousin can do with ease. So, chill out, no need to get stressed. 

The process is dead simple. You just need to know the proper ways, and then you can do it yourself. 

For DIY trolling motor transducer mount, the following processes would be enough to get the job done completely.

  • Purchase the right transducer first. This is a must.
  • If a mounting and installation kit isn’t provided with the transducer, no need to get panicked. You can order these items any time. Minn Kota Transducer Mounting Kit can give you a strong backup in this case. 
  • Get hold of the items of the installation kit like bracket, mounting clamp, bushings, bolts, and screws.
  • The core part of the installation begins with properly attaching the transducer with the bracket. Make sure it fits and doesn’t move a bit.
  • Afterward, place it on the trolling motorhead. And tighten it up with the mounting clamp. Make sure the transducer stays on the bottom. 
  • Here the main thing is to stay aware of the placement of the wire. Be very careful as there needs to be some slack while dropping down the motor. But not too much slack that the wire gets entangled by the cradle or the propeller. 
  • Zip tie or drill claps for holding the wire with the shaft and handle. 
  • Connect the wire with the plug. 
  • Before taking it down to the water, do some lifting, dropping, and spinning it around to see any problem with the wire.
  • If everything seems about right, it’s time to sail and get on fishing. 

How to Mount Lowrance Transducer on Trolling Motor

It’s pretty normal to get to Lowrance’s name, scrolling through the pile of transducer recommendations. Manufacturers don’t make that distinction, leading you to try different installation methods. 

For Lowrance’s, most of the models, the installing process is exactly like the previously mentioned one. Fit the transducer with the motor using clamps and brackets. 

Make sure the wire won’t get stuck or come in the way of the motor blades and cradle. Clearing these off, you’re good to go on the voyage. 

The only difference that could come is perhaps for the transducer’s size changes. If that happens, you just have to use multiple brackets and claps. That’s it. 

If you wonder how the process would be for Humminbird trolling motor transducer mount, be rest assured. The process is the same.

It won’t be a mistake naming it a universal process either, which means installing Garmin transducer on trolling motor is also no different as well. 

Problems of Transducer on Trolling Motor 

If you’ve already made up your mind about installing the transducer underneath on the trolling motor, let us warn you a bit. 

It’s not all bed of roses if you think this process has no downfalls at all. Several problems that could interfere with your angling experience are listed downwards. 

  • The wire might get tangled with the blades or the cradle
  • Frequent wire damage upon movement of the trolling motor
  • Noise on the display while running the trolling motor
  • False information on the depth reading when the motor is o
  • Accuracy compromised, including quality while the motor is on the go

These are a few common problems that angler faces using trolling motor transducers. And it’s wise to count on all of these problems before jumping overboard for your transducer purchase. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I link my Humminbird to Minn Kota?

i-PILOT Link-enabled models of Minn Ko*ta can help your Hummingbird to Minn Kota. Its integrated GPS trolling system automatically guides the Minn Kota Trolling Motor to the selected GPS location.

  • What transducer is on the Minn Kota Terrova 80?

Humminbird MEGA Down Imaging transducer is now integrated into the Minn Kota Terrova 80 for your superior angling experience. 

  • Is Lowrance compatible with Minn Kota?

With the Minn Kota US2 Sonar Adapter Cable, connecting the Lowrance to the Minn Kota Trolling Motor is super easy. The motor just has to be US2 Sonar equipped. That’s all. 

  • How do you mount a transducer on a Minn Kota Terrova trolling motor?

Attach the transducer underneath the motorhead firmly with brackets and clamps. Zip ties the transducer cable with the shaft and the pole leaving some slack. And plug it in, there you go.  

  • How do you mount a transducer on Minn Kota Power Drive?

Mounting a transducer on the Minn Kota Power Drive is now easier than ever. Unbox the transducer and fit it on the motorhead just behind the propeller. Make sure the wire doesn’t come in contact with anything while maneuvering. Zip tie it for further assurance. Connect it with the output, and sail offshore. 

Final Words

Before jump-starting the installation process, it’s best to be well equipped with how to mount a transducer on a Minn Kota trolling motor first. Although it might sound like a complex process to some, it’s not that hard after all if you take a deeper look.

Follow along the stages and processes precisely for a much fulfilling experience. 

Happy fishing. 

Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones

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