How To Install Bow Mount Trolling Motor On Aluminum Boat: 7 Steps to Follow

Puzzled about how to install bow mount trolling motor on aluminum boat? Well, installing a bow mount trolling motor is the easiest task because it requires only the motor and a drill machine. And, all you need to do is to screw the base and drill holes based on where to install it on your boat. However, to install it perfectly, you’ll have to go step-by-step. 

Read our precise guide and go through the 7 easiest steps to install your bow mount on an aluminum boat trouble-free. So, let’s begin! 

Trolling Motor Mounting Options For Aluminum Boat

You’ll get three different types of trolling motors available and each of these motors has its own pros and cons. These are- 

  1. Bow Mount Trolling Motor

The most popular type of trolling motor is the bow mount trolling motor. Professional fishermen who row medium or large-size boats, prefer to have bow-mount trolling motors. Compared to the transom and engine mount, the bow mount motor will deliver more control and also provide a larger feature set. But, it is much more expensive than the other two types.

  1. Transom Mount Trolling Motor

Since the transom mount trolling motor is easier to install, it’s pretty popular among small boat owners. You can simply attach this to the boat stern using a clamp. If you have a small boat-like canoe, the transom mount trolling motor can be your best option. And, needless to say, this motor is quite more affordable than the bow mount trolling motor.  

  1. Engine Mount Trolling Motor

When you use a multi-purpose boat, you require an engine mount trolling motor. It means the boat, which has no room for all these traditional motors, are suitable only for the engine mount trolling motor. Remember, the engine mount motor is tougher to control and too expensive even than the bow mount trolling motor. Moreover, all the traditional features that are available on bow or transom mount motors, won’t be on the engine mount motor. So, you should keep it in your consideration. 

It’s a common concern to know how to mount trolling motor on an aluminum boat. Well, it depends on what motor type you have been using. Because, if it’s a bow mount trolling motor, it will require one type of procedure while the transom and engine mount trolling motor will go through two more different processes to install. Check out the guide below to learn how to install a bow-mount trolling motor on an aluminum boat.

How To Install Bow Mount Trolling Motor On Aluminum Boat

We recommend the best place to install the bow mount trolling motor is the bow of your boat if it’s a large or medium size boat. As a result, you’ll get good control and precision while steering. Follow the given steps to install the trolling motor on your aluminum boat-

  1. Allocate the Required Tools

You must allocate the necessary tools that you’ll need during the motor installation time. These tools are the following-

  1. Select a Perfect Place

Choose a perfect location to install the motor. Make sure the location is in the front of your boat and large enough to pull while stowing on the deck. Also, you’ve to ensure the boat can move without forcing the hull.

  1. Mark a Spot for Holes Accurately

This time take a marker and mark the exact spot for holes where to install it. Take ideas from the mounting template so that you can mark in the right place for holes. 

  1. Drill in the Marked Site

In this stage, you require an electric drill to drill on the market spot. But, you should check out whether there’s any obstacle on the bottom part of that marked place before you start drilling. 

Make the depth of drilling based on the requirements of your bow mount trolling motor because not all the brands and models come with the same depth requirements. However, usually, the required depth measurement is ¼ inches or 6.5 mm. 

  1. Thread the Bolts and Install Rubber Washer

You need to thread the bolts on top of each hole of the base. Next, you have to install the rubber washer in all the holes and under the base. Make sure for a tighter fit. 

  1. Align the Motor’s Base

The motor base should be on the top and aligned with the holes. And you have to level the base on the surface of the deck. 

  1. Connect the Bow Mount Motor to Your Aluminum Boat

Before connecting the motor to your boat, you must place the steel washer under every bolt and tighten them properly. Now attach the base and go to connect the motor to your boat. Ensure the distance is at least 5 inches underwater.  

Can I Convert A Transom Mount To A Bow Mount?

Yes, you can easily convert a transom mount to a bow mount trolling motor. However, we don’t recommend converting your transom mount motor. Because it won’t be very cost-effective. So, you might wonder if you can use a bow mount trolling motor on the transom? Well, we strictly suggest not to do that because the bow mount trolling motors are designed not to push but to pull. Therefore, it won’t work if you use it on your transom trolling motor.  


How deep should a bow-mounted trolling motor be?

If you want to avoid noisy cavitation and want to get adequate power, the depth should be at least 12 inches.

Can you put a bow mount trolling motor on a Jon boat?

Yes, you can surely put a bow mount trolling motor on your Jon boat. But, it will struggle to perform if the current is strong. 

Can a bow-mount trolling motor shaft be too long?

Yes, it can be. In that case, you cannot stow the motor in a good way.

Final Thoughts

Bow mount trolling motor is highly recognized among all levels of professionals for its performance. People often think it’s difficult to install it on an aluminum boat. But, once you understand how to install bow mount trolling motor on aluminum boat, you don’t need any expert’s help. Even you don’t have to be experienced.

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