How to Fix Rhodan Trolling Motor Problems

When you are in the market for a trolling motor, you’ll probably hear a lot about Rhodan Trolling Motors. These are state-of-the-art GPS anchor lock trolling motors that you can install in your boat or any water vehicle to help you control trolling speeds while fishing. 

While Rhodan trolling motors are one of the best you can find, with any motor there are certain problems you’ll eventually come across. Let’s check out how you can identify these Rhodan trolling motor problems and fix them yourself. 

Common Rhodan Trolling Motor Problems and Solutions

You might come across several small issues in the lifetime of your Rhodan trolling motor. Here are some of the common problems you might face and how you can go about fixing them 

GPS Anchor Malfunctioning

One of the most common problems you can face using your trolling motor is the GPS anchor malfunctioning. It can sometimes spin uncontrollably or not work properly. 

Reason Why It Happens: 

There are several reasons why this can happen. You might have poor or obstructed GPS signals. You might be using a battery with an incorrect voltage or it could be a problem with the motherboard. The GPS anchor can also take time to start functioning probably when you just start it up. 

Troubleshooting Steps To Rhodan Gps Anchor not working

Step 1: Start by taking enough time to let the GPS signal fix itself. You should wait until you hear 4 beeps after startup. 

Step 2: If it’s still not working, then try checking if the GPS signal is obstructed somehow. See that the antenna is uncovered and is getting a signal. 

Step 3: Check the voltage of the battery you are using and see if it matches system requirements. 

Step 4: If all else fails, it’s probably a motherboard issue. Try replacing the motherboard, if you have a spare one.

Control system issues

Another common issue you might face is with the overall control system. You might find that your Rhodan trolling motor remote isn’t working properly. 

Reason Why It Happens:

Remotes usually stop working when the batteries are dead or damaged. It could also be a result of incorrect Rhodan trolling motor installation. Perhaps the system can’t detect the remote signals and can’t respond properly. The remote itself might also be faulty.

Troubleshooting Steps To Rhodan Remote Control not working

Step 1: Check and replace the batteries in the remote.

Step 2: See if everything is installed properly and ensure that the trolling motor is secured in the fully deployed position. 

Step 3: If the remote still doesn’t work, try replacing the remote. 

Rhodan Trolling Motor Won’t Turn On

In certain cases, your trolling motor won’t turn on. There are several reasons this might happen, but it’s usually easy to fix.  

Reason Why It Happens

Your remote might be broken or damaged or out of battery. The battery of the trolling motor might not have enough power to turn on. There could also be a connectivity issue during the installation process. 

Troubleshooting Steps To Rhodan Trolling Motor not Turning On

Step 1: Check if the remote is working properly. Replace the batteries, change the remote, and ensure that it works. 

Step 2: If your remote is fine, then try to check the motor battery and see if it is fully charged and installed properly. You can also check the electrical wiring to see if it’s okay. 

Step 3: Check the fuse or circuit breaker and see that it isn’t blown or tripped. If it is, try to reset the circuit.

GearBox Malfunctioning 

If you find that your gearbox isn’t working, it’ll be harder to fix. You can attempt to disassemble it and find what went wrong, but in most cases, it’s better to take it to a professional. Rhodan customer service is amazing, so you can contact them directly to help you. 

Reason Why It Happens

Your gearbox malfunctioning is usually a result of the GPS anchor not working. What happens is, as the GPS anchor causes the head of the motor to spin, it can wrap the cord around the shaft. This usually damages gearbox functionality. 

Troubleshooting Steps To Rhodan Trolling Motor Gearbox Issues

Step 1: If it is a Rhodan GPS anchor issue, then turn off your motor as soon as possible to prevent the gearbox from getting damaged. 

Step 2: If it’s not a GPS-related issue, you can try to lubricate the gearbox. 

Step 3: If your system is really old, the gears might be chipped or damaged and might need replacing. 

Step 4: You can attempt to disassemble the gearbox and find a fault, but it is safer to call customer support and help them guide you through the issue. 

Trolling Motor Beeping 

Your trolling motor beeping might not always mean something is wrong. The Rhodan trolling motor uses beeps to indicate several things. However, there are certain cases when beeping can indicate that the battery is low. 

Reason Why It Happens

If you experience continuous beeping it can mean the battery is low. If you select a certain mode on the remote, and you hear two beeps but then nothing happens, that could also indicate a battery issue. 

Troubleshooting Steps To Rhodan Trolling Motor Beeping

Step 1: Recharge the battery, and make sure it is working all right. 

Step 2: If power isn’t the issue, check the connectivity and also the battery voltage to find out if you have any faulty cells. You might need to replace the battery. 

Trolling Motor Slowing Down

At times, you might notice your trolling motor losing speed. You will notice that propellers might be moving slowly or the GPS itself can show a slower speed. 

Reason Why It Happens

The most common reason is that the battery is dying out, so there’s not enough power. There could also be an issue with the propellers. Sometimes weed and other debris can get caught in the propellers and cause obstructions. Motor overheating can also cause speed to go down. 

Troubleshooting Steps To Rhodan Trolling Motor Losing Speed

Step 1: First and foremost, check the battery and make sure it has power. 

Step 2: See if there’s anything stuck on the propellers. Clean it. 

Step 3: If the motor is overheating, you can give it some time to cool down, and then restart the motor. 

Step 3: Check connectivity and if all the wires are working properly. See if there’s any corrosion damage on the battery system. You might have to replace the battery. 

Compass Calibration Issue

You are supposed to calibrate the compass on your trolling motor at the time of installation and every time you change boats. You might face issues during the installation process itself or sometimes even later. One symptom that the calibration is off is that the steering will be inconsistent and it will be hard to stay in a straight line. Slow responses from the motor can also be a sign that calibration is off. 

Reason Why It Happens

Your compass may face interference issues due to electrical signals nearby from other devices or other boats. Things like radios or other GPS gear present on the boat can mess with the compass on the motor. Sometimes even the earth’s magnetic field can cause the compass to become skewed. 

How To Calibrate Rhodan Trolling Motor Properly

Step 1: On the water, power the system up and deploy it with the depth collar. 

Step 2: Select the Manual Mode. 

Step 3: Steer the unit to point roughly 90 degrees to the kneel using the right and left arrows. 

Step 4: Press and hold the M and A button for 5 seconds until you hear a beep. 

Step 5: The boat will now spin to begin automatic calibration. 

Maintenance & Safety Tips To Prevent Rhodan Trolling Motor Problems

You can prevent a lot of these problems from occurring by simply taking care of your trolling motor. Here are some tips to do so. 

  • Clean the motor by wiping it off with a cloth after every use
  • Keep the propellers clean
  • Secure the prop nut tool properly
  • Clean and inspect the battery regularly
  • Lubricate all the moving parts
  • Don’t leave the trolling motor in water when not in use
  • Keep away from cold environments
  • Perform a monthly checkup on all connections and battery cells

Know Your Trolling Motor Better: Rhodan Beep Codes

When using your trolling motor or even during the installation process, you might catch yourself asking “Why is my Rhodan trolling motor beeping?”. The Rhodan trolling motor uses a system of beeps and LED lighting to indicate when something is wrong or if the motor is working properly. 

The number of beeps can indicate several things depending on the context. For instance, when you are starting the motor, a single beep will indicate that the motor has powered up. After which, you can expect to hear 4 beeps which indicate that the motor has gained its GPS fix. Anything other than 1 or 4 beeps can signify an error at startup. 

The motor’s beeps can also signify electric battery levels. When you press and hold the off button for five seconds, it will emit a range of beeps to indicate battery levels. 5 beeps mean that the battery is charged fully, whereas 1 beep means its levels are at about 20-40%.

The system will also usually emit a single beep to indicate that the action has been successful when you are changing modes for instance. The system can also beep a tune, to indicate that an anchor site has been retrieved. 

There’s also a detailed guide on how the system emits different light combinations along with these beeps to indicate several other conditions in your owner’s manual. Check out your model’s guide for more specific instructions. 


What is the warranty on the Rhodan trolling motors?

Rhodan Trolling Motor Warranty usually spans  2 years. This can vary slightly depending on which model you’re getting.  

Where are Rhodan trolling motors made?

Rhodan Trolling Motors is building in Sarasota, Florida in their very own manufacturing and engineering facilities. 

How often should I inspect and maintain my Rhodan trolling motor?

Rhodan recommends that you check for any issues after every use. You can also check it before using it to be safe.

What kind of battery should I use with my Rhodan trolling motor?

You will need six 12V batteries for your Rhodan trolling motor: 1 for the 12-volt units, 2 in series for the 24-volt units, and 3 in series for the 36-volt units. 

Final Thoughts

While most users have a pleasant experience in using Rhodan trolling motors, it’s only natural that sometimes you might face a few problems. But the good thing is, you can usually fix these issues without a lot of hassle, as long as you can correctly detect what’s going wrong. 
So, don’t let all this talk about  Rhodan trolling motor problems deter you from buying one. Most other motors will probably have similar problems. Rhodan is still one of the best options you have on the market. You can always refer back to this guide if you face any problems.

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