5 Most Common Haswing Trolling Motor Problems & Solutions 

Haswing is one of the top leading companies that manufacture different sized and featured trolling motors for the number of boaters worldwide. It is surely an excellent brand for trolling motors and offers plenty of benefits to the users. But, if you’re new at using this motor, you should be aware of some of the regular Haswing trolling motor problems.

As your first time, you’ll face the usual problems like battery failure, wrong connection, cover breaks, remote control issues, power loss, foot pedal issues, etc. Therefore, you should know about the common problems as well as their solutions before you go for buying a Haswing trolling motor.

We’ll get you covered with all the often time problems and possible solutions to make your way trouble-free. Let’s begin!

Haswing Trolling Motor Problems 

Although the Haswing units have worked fine for years, still you can face the following problems. This part of our article will acquaint you with some of the most common problems that boaters face most of the time. So, how do you troubleshoot a trolling motor? Here’s how-

1. Haswing Trolling Motor Foot Pedal Not Working

The Haswing brand doesn’t manufacture the trolling motor with a water-proof foot pedal. Since the foot paddle isn’t waterproof, its exposure to water directly, and causes the microswitches to rust. Eventually, the foot padel results in failure. And, it is unfortunate for the boater/fishermen to face.


Although the foot pedal problem is a severe issue, you can overcome it following quite a certain factor. Here’s how-

  • Keep the foot pedal dry.
  • Wipe it using a dry and soft cloth after using each time.
  • If the problem happens frequently, replace the foot pedal, or
  • Consult with an expert.

2. Remote Control Stops Functioning

The fragile or dead function of remote control is the most regular problem that happens with the Haswing trolling motor. But, there are several reasons why the Haswing trolling motor remote is not working. Let’s check them out-

  • If you use a dead battery.
  • If the battery of the remote doesn’t get charged properly.
  • If the remote battery doesn’t get paired perfectly with the trolling motor.


When you find any of these problems, your Haswing trolling motor won’t work. But, the following ways can be your precautions to solve the remote control problem. 

  • If the remote control LED light won’t flash during using time, it means your remote battery is empty. Although the remote controls are available with built-in rechargeable batteries, they aren’t available with a compatible charger. 

At this point, you should use the USB 1.0 or 2.0 charger that delivers low current with 500 milliamps of maximum or less. Make sure the USB charger isn’t more than 2.0.  If it’s even 2.1 will deliver strong current and result in the remote battery failure.  Make sure the battery is getting fully and perfectly charged in the end. 

  • Again, check out whether the trolling motor and the battery are paired perfectly. If not, press the reset button on your trolling motor and propeller button on your remote control simultaneously.  

And, reset the pairing. Keep pressing the reset and propeller button until you hear a 3 beep sound. Once you hear the sound, your remote and trolling motor are paired properly. And, if the battery isn’t alright or dead,  replace it with a newer one.

3. Steering Motor Problem

Steering problems can happen for several reasons, for example, rusting to its internal body parts, fluid leakages, suspension problems, pump malfunctions, blocked holes, etc. You’ll understand the steering is not working properly if you hear any noise from the steering. And, the Haswing trolling motor will stop working.


Open the internal components and clean them if you find such issues with the sterling motor. But, the steering problems often do not happen from the internal components. So, you’ve to diagnose where the noise or vibration has been coming from. We recommend you to take help from professionals in this case.

4. Bad Wiring

Bad wiring is another common problem that happens with most of the boaters. Faulty wiring connection is a kind of threat for your trolling motor because it can cause permanent circuit damage. Fault wiring connections can heat up the wires and cause the trolling motor to shut down. However, every single problem has its own solution.


To solve the bad or faulty wiring, we recommend you to use marine-grade wires. It can help you solve the wiring problems. Besides, you can place the battery a little closer to the trolling motor to lessen the distance and prevent unwanted damage.

Corrosion, on the other hand, is another severe concern.Use  dabs of dielectric grease on the wiring connections or in terminals to reduce corrosion.

5. Wire Loosing

When the wiring becomes loose to the connection, the Haswing trolling motor will stop working. Therefore, you should check out the wiring if you face any kind of problem.


Ensure the plug is connected accurately.Tighten the loose connection or fix the plug either.

How Do You Reset A Haswing Trolling Motor?

There’s a small sized black colored button right under the “Speed Down” button named “Reboot Key”. You need to press that button to reset your Haswing trolling motor.


Knowing all the possible reasons and solutions towards Haswing trolling motor problems will help you save time and money. You should always keep a basic knowledge and understanding about the different parts of the Haswing trolling motor.  

But,remember, you should meet the expert if you are not familiar with the problem. Or else, you might have to face a big damage to your trolling motor.

Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones

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