Does Side Imaging Work On Trolling Motor: Explore Here!

For professional grade fishermen, it’s simple to be well-known with the fish finding sonar like side imaging and down imaging sonar. But, does side imaging sonar work on trolling motor?  Well, if you still don’t know whether or not the side imaging sonar is suitable for trolling motors, here you go!

We will help you know about the side imaging as well as down imaging sonar. Also, you can explore the entire necessary thing about using side scan on trolling motor.

Do You Need Side Imaging On Trolling Motor

If you want us to answer directly, the answer is YES.  The side imaging sonar is essential to find fish in a faster procedure. The result you’ll get from the side imaging sonar will not be the same as it is traditional 2D sonar.

You must need a side imaging sonar if you want to spend the whole day searching for fish with a trolling rod. It will save your time and energy. We found that side imaging is the smartest way to find out fish while you keep moving at a deliberate but steady pace.

It will deliver accurate images considering both sides of your trolling boat. Therefore, it will create an opportunity to catch fish in two directions that you won’t expect while choosing your traditional 2D imaging.

But, you might have a question in your mind like is side imaging worth the extra money? Well, side imaging is worth extra money because it can assist you to scan the largest water area on the sea bottom at a time. And, this scanning will help you find fish in terms of the fish-holding structure. So yes, the side imaging sonar is worth extra money.    

Does Side Imaging Work On Trolling Motor

The side imaging sonar is built with the purpose to help fishermen to work on their trolling motor. This sonar will allow you to see fish at zero MPH because it works as the mega side imaging on trolling motor.

All you need to keep the MPH at 3 while moving your trolling because the 3 MPH is the ideal speed for fish finding.

Mounting Side Imaging Transducer on Trolling Motor

The side imaging transducer comes in three mounting options for trolling motor and these options are-

  1. Transom Mount
  2. Trolling Motor Mount
  3. And Plastic Thru-Hull Mount

While mounting a trolling motor, you have to be careful about the cable routing and the transducer. Make sure the routing cables and the transducer won’t interfere during your trolling motor operation. And, you should route the cable in a way so that it won’t be crushed, cut, or get pulled.

However, a fish finder is needed for some of the specific boats.  Here’s how you can install side imaging sonar on Pontoon boat, Kayak, and Stepped Hull-

Mounting Side Imaging Transducer on Pontoon Boat

You’ll find it the best if you can mount the side imaging transducer on the right side while it is a pontoon boat. It will help you get sufficient cord length. And, sufficient cord length is essential for the boat running from the transducer to monitor. Besides, it will allow you to observe the fish finder monitor with ease.

Mounting Side Imaging Transducer on Kayak

When it is about a kayak, you’ve to mount the side imaging facing down straight. It will get you the best result for fish finding while the kayak is moving. Check out the level of the side imaging so that you can monitor both sides properly.

Mounting Side Imaging Transducer on Stepped Hull

You’ve to be a bit more conscious in terms of the stepped hull while mounting side imaging. The side imaging must be on the low side of the keel and in front of the step of the hull. It will then introduce aerated water which will make the fish mark transparent.

Down Imaging or Side Imaging On Trolling Motor

Of course, side imaging is more ideal for fish finding sonar than down imaging. The down imaging sonar is the most traditional way to find fish. Simply, the down imaging will allow you to get images from only one direction while the side imaging will allow you to get the images from both directions. So, which one you would prefer is your choice.

What Does Fish Look Like In Side Imaging?

Not all the fish look the same in the monitor in case of side imaging. Different fish look differently, for instance, the salmon looks like a tiny dot. Again, if you talk about the tuna fish, it will look like red blobs.

Final Thought

Fishing is a kind of art that can attract your attention while you do it perfectly. And, to do this job perfectly, the fish finder sonar works outstanding. In that case, you can choose the fish finder sonar of side imaging rather than down imaging. So, we don’t think you’re confused anymore with “does side imaging sonar work on trolling motor” Happy Fishing!

Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones

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