Can I Connect Fish Finder To Trolling Motor Battery

In case you have ever asked yourself this very common question- can I connect fish finder to trolling motor battery? This article is entirely dedicated to you. A myth goes on like this- connecting and operating a trolling motor and fish finder simultaneously is pretty hard.  We will burst this myth here and direct you to do it in the easiest way.

However, read this piece till the end and get yourself everything you need regarding this very topic. And you will indeed be delivered with the most positive outcomes out of this article. 

Let’s jump right into it without further ado… 

Can I Connect Fish Finder To Trolling Motor Battery?

Connecting your fish finder on trolling motor battery isn’t very distinctive at all. Apparently, it’s very common amongst angling worldwide. So the answer is yes. You can connect the fish finder with your trolling motor battery. However, you might be questioning yourself what size battery for fish finder, is it? Well, here goes the answer. 

Typically, for operating the fish finder and trolling motor simultaneously, going for a 12v battery would fit you perfectly. You can stay between 4.5 to 7 Amp-hours batteries if you just want to operate the fish finder and trolling motor.

However, going for 7-18 ampere hours batteries won’t also be futile if you’re up for getting all your boat tasks done with just a single battery. 

But generally, a 12v 7.5 or 7 amp battery will get you done in terms of using the trolling motor and fish finder. There’s that! 

How To Connect Fish Finder To Trolling Motor Battery

Anyways, it’s time to dive deep into the procedure where you will learn how to connect fish finder to battery. First of all, it’s a very easy process and takes only a minute. Follow me down to get yourself covered in terms of connecting the fish finder to a 12v battery. 

Connecting fish finder to 12v battery

Things you will need- 

  • A good-grade battery to operate both tools (Trolling motor and the Fish finder)
  • Connecting wires
  • Alligator clip. 

There’s that. Let’s hop on to the process. 

  • In the very first place, check the battery to run fish finder see if it works well with the trolling motor or not. It should work smoothly. Otherwise, you won’t be able to perform the following task. Assuming the battery is okay all the way. 
  • Now, connect two wires with the fish finder. And at the end of both wires, attach two alligator clips. This way, the chance of voltage drop will be reduced.
  • And now connect those alligator clips with two battery terminals. Check the fish finder if that works perfectly. Carefully inspect the trolling motor as well. 

Yes, it’s this simple. Don’t ever get freaked out thinking of installing the battery for this very purpose. It’s as normal as other installations. Come what may, this also has a negative side.

If you keep operating the trolling motor with fish finder the same battery, then the battery might get degraded over the time being. It will lose its charge and won’t be of any use anymore. In such cases, you will need to replace the battery with a new one. Except this, the entire thing is worth it. 

Can You Run Fish Finder And Trolling Motor On Same Battery

You already know the process of connecting the trolling motor fish finder to a battery. Nonetheless, can you hook the fish finder straight to the battery? 

Well, yes. You definitely can do this. You can wire up the fish finder battery connectors. In times of wiring up, you can either operate with the cranking battery or the auxiliary one. But no matter which one you use, stay aware of running the power wiring fish finder to switch or block.

Nonetheless, If anything still seems puzzling to you, check the instruction material of the fish finder for the perfect fuse and gauge wire. 

Best Battery For Trolling Motor and Fishfinder 

You might already have nailed your decision in terms of connecting trolling motor to battery. If you do so, it’s time to get yourself a good-grade battery which will operate both tasks simultaneously. 

From my experience, I can suggest you go for the Minn Kota Trolling Motor Battery. It’s very superior in terms of quality and consists of a really nice power backup. 

You will also get one year warranty if you purchase it from an authorised dealer. Altogether, the deal and the performance of this battery are quite good. You can give this a shot. 


What battery do you hook a fish finder to?

As you will use the battery in your boat, it must need to be lightweight. Following the scenario, going for lithium-ion battery will be the wisest decision of all. 

Do I need a separate battery for my fish finder?

For typical operations, this won’t be required. However, if you want to connect the fish finder with powder, you must make sure to use two separate batteries for operating the task whatsoever. 

When is it not necessary to connect your trolling motor to your fishfinder?

If your fish finder gets GPS access, you don’t need to connect it with a battery.

Final Thoughts

It’s farewell time, homie. I hope I could get you covered, and the question “can I connect fish finder to trolling motor battery” isn’t bothering you anymore. In case any of the points of this article still seems confusing to you, do give it another thorough read. If not, do share it with your fellow mates. 

Nonetheless, spread good amongst others and do good to yourself. 

Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones

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