Bixpy Jet Vs Trolling Motor: A Guide for All Levels of Anglers

The difference between the Bixpy Jet vs trolling motor is huge. The Bixpy is the updated version of the trolling motor and it offers lots of benefits than the trolling motor. Although the Bixpy offers more advantages than the trolling motor, you need a trolling motor as long as you run a giant as well as a small size boat on a deep water level. 

However, the trolling motor is super adaptable to power up  the big fishing jobs and the Bixpy will be the best choice for small watercraft like a dinghy, kayaks, float-tube, etc. 

Both of these motors have different performances based on their thrust, speed, weight, features, warranty period, and functions. Today, you can identify the best fit considering all the differences between these two tools. Let’s Start!  

Overview of Bixpy Jet

The Bixpy Jet motor is a powerful conversion tool that is well-suitable for different types of fishing boats. With the Bixpy Jet, you can easily operate your fishing boat and it is also easy to install. 

It allows you to make your long-distance fishing trip safer, and smoother. However, this motor will require you to purchase all its mounts separately. 


  • The Maximum Speed is 7 MPH
  • Highest Charging Time is 5 Hours

How the Bixpy Jet Works

Bixpy Jet functions through a paddle system with outstanding construction. And, this paddle system can be adapted for a variety of watercraft.  This motor can deliver additional propulsion so that you can upgrade your boating fishing expedition.


  • Long-lasting
  • Maximum speed options
  • Lightweight design
  • Works fast for small units


  • The remote of Bixpy is a little uncomfortable to use for SUB

Overview of Trolling Motor

The trolling motor is considered the perfect tool to maneuver and move the fishing boat. You’ve to operate the trolling motor by remote control and foot pedal and it’s easy to operate. 

The advantage to operate a trolling motor is to have full control over your boat as per your necessity. Considering the quality, its price can vary from $500 to $3000. 


  • The Maximum Speed is 5 MPH
  • Highest Charging Time Varies from 10 to 12 Hours

How the Trolling Motor Works

Trolling motor lets a boat be settled in one specific spot against wind and current. It generates power using electricity. The electricity powers the motor to operate your fishing boat through the pushing and pulling method. A trolling motor can work for pontoon boats, kayaks, small sailing boats, fishing boats, and many more. 


  • Trolling motor makes the fishing boat versatile in its functions.
  • It will allow you to be stealthy along shorelines
  • Provides maximum flexibility to the anglers


  • Higher thrust trolling motors come with heavyweight 

Bixpy Jet Vs Trolling Motor

The following significant factors make the Bixpy and trolling motor a different device from each other. Here’s how these two motors are different-

Bixpy Jet Vs Trolling Motor: Comparison Table

NameBattery Duration at High-SpeedMax. ThrustMax. WeightSafety MeasuresWarranty PeriodSpeed-Level
Bixpy Jet1 hour and 20 Min32lb9lbsAnti-UV included1-Year 3 Reverse & 12 Forward Speeds
Trolling Motor2 hours112lb80lbsNo Anti-UV included 2-3 YearsOnly 5 Forward Speeds


The maximum thrust of the Bixpy Jet is 32lbs which can deal with any water surface like freshwater and saltwater. On the contrary, the trolling motor is designed with 112lbs maximum thrust. As a result, you can deal with all sorts of giant vessels and also smaller boats, for instance, pontoon boats. 

If you need to go for small boats, the Bixpy will be alright, but trolling motor comes in handy in case of the bigger one.

Installation Process

Considering the installation process, the Bixpy Jet is more flexible and effortless to the trolling motor. Because the Bixpy motor has got an outstanding adapter clamp which makes the installation process pretty easier. 


Since, the Bixpy has come exceptionally with two different speed levels in terms of 3 reverse and 12 forward speed, it will offer maximum flexibility. The trolling motor, however, has comparatively less control and responsiveness.


You will enjoy the maximum speed with Bixpy rather than the trolling motor. Its maximum speed can go up to 7 mph when the trolling motor has 5 mph of its maximum speed. 

Motor Nature

Both the trolling motor and the Bixpy have come up with noisy motor nature. But, Bixpy Jet makes a louder noise compared to trolling motors. And, it is because of its speed level.

Safety Measures

If you consider your safety, both the Bixpy and trolling motor will ensure high safety. But, Bixpy will offer an additional safety level with its Anti-UV protection when the trolling motor cannot offer this wonderful feature.

Which One Is Best For Whom?

The Bixpy will be an excellent choice if you want to enjoy hassle-free fishing with small boats. Also, it will be highly affordable. 

Although operating the trolling motor is a bit tougher than the Bixpy Jet, trolling motor is the best option for a large water surface and bigger-sized boats. You should consider your requirements before you choose between these two motors. because  two of them are for two different p[urposes.


How much thrust does a Bixpy motor have?

It’s 32lbs at the highest rate.

Is Bixby a trolling motor?

Yes, the Bixby is the latest invention of the trolling motor.

How fast does a Bixpy motor go?

Well, the Bixpy Jet can go 10kph per 75min.

How long does the Bixpy jet last?

The Bixpy can last for 5 years maximum.

Does Bixpy have the reverse?

Yes, it has. It has 3 reversals and you can use them to maneuver the SUP.


To make a comparison between Bixpy Jet vs trolling motor is tricky. You’ll get a number of things to consider to make a good comparison, especially your job type. If you look for a motor for small job purposes, the Bixpy is undoubtedly the best one.  

But, when you need maximum thrust or GPS navigation, you’re in search of the trolling motor. Hopefully, the mentioned factors above will make it way easier to decide on the right one.

Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones

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