Are Minn Kota Trolling Motors Brushless:Things You Need to Know

Are Minn Kota trolling motors brushless” is a common question for most boat owners. That’s because the brushless motor represents the next step in the trolling motor industry. Also, it offers power, better safety, longer runtimes, and more exciting features for all fishermen.

On the other hand, Minn Kota is a famous brand in the trolling motor industry and has dominated the market for many years. So, people who use a brushless motor are waiting for Minn Kota for a brushless one.

Does Minn Kota have any brushless model? Read till the end of this article to find out your answer.

Brushed VS Brushless Trolling Motor

Before going to the central part, you must know the difference between the brushed and brushless motor. It will help you understand which one is good for you. 


Generally, a DC motor uses wire coils to produce a magnetic domain. In the brushed trolling motor, these coils rotate and move the shaft. In fact, it is a motor part called a rotor. 

A Brushless trolling motor works similarly for magnetic appeal and repulsion as a brushed motor but is manufactured in a slightly different way.

Special Feature

Brush technology is outdated and more commonly used for a variety of purposes. Includes “carbon brushes” installation to clean the stator and transfer power through the motor. 

On the other hand, brushless trolling motors use magnets to generate electricity electronically. There is no friction, so brushless motors work more efficiently, are less inclined to wear, and require less maintenance.

Who Should Use?

Brushed trolling motors are ideal for use with small boats such as canoes or kayaks and small boats that are used occasionally. Most people use Minn Kota 1352140 Trolling Motor for small kayaks. On the other hand, people who have a larger boat and use it very often can use the Caroute N400 Brushless Trolling motor.

Are brushless trolling motors better?

In most cases, brushless motors are turned out much better. Let’s find out the reasons behind this.

Better Performance

A brushless motor has significantly higher performance and efficiency and is less subject to mechanical wear than brushes. Brushless motors also offer other benefits which make them more demanding.

Less maintenance and care

Users can benefit from the brushless motor with less maintenance, improved performance, and less noise and heat. Also, a brushless motor has come up with a modern motor with a single or more enduring magnet. Moreover, a brushless motor is built with high-quality products.

Less prone to wear

As there is no brush in a brushless motor, you don’t have to worry about its wearing. On the other hand, brushed motors wear out faster than brushless motors. That’s because the brush in the brushed motor creates electrical and mechanical friction during operation.


A brushed motor is usually more complex than a brushless motor. Yet, you have to pay an almost similar amount for a brushless trolling motor compared to a brushed one.  

The price is just that. There are thousands of brushless systems on the market, which are certainly not very expensive!

Are Minn Kota trolling motors brushless?

Minn Kota is not currently offering brushless motors and has not announced any plans regarding a brushless motor. While a brushless motor is generally too costly to attach with a trolling motor at this stage, it may be comfier as technology evolves and improves. 

Is Minn Kota Ultrex Trolling Motor brushless?

Yes, Minn Kota Ultrex is brushless. That’s because currently, they have some brushed motors only. Although users have discussed whether the Minn Kota Ultrex can be upgraded to a brushless one or not, that upgrade has yet to happen.

Even Minn Kota hasn’t announced plans to offer a brushless model, but it’s tough to say. Since the brushless system has become increasingly regular in different trolling motors, the company may decide to add it up in the future. 

Who Makes A Brushless Trolling Motor?

Different companies out in the market produce brushless trolling motors. When you need one, you can buy any of them. So, here we go!

Seamax 12V Brushless Trolling Motor

Seamax trolling motor is state-of-the-art and exceeds industry standards in design. The ultimate purpose of this newer version is to improve engine performance significantly, extend product life and improve your experience on board.

This trolling motor is ideal for offshore and lake use. The clamps lock function keeps your trolling motor safe at all times. Moreover, the new fiberglass reinforced composite propeller with updated pitch and high thrust thickness. However, it has improved performance with a new prop and minimizes performance loss due to cavitation.

Caroute N300 Brushless Electric Trolling Motor

Caroute N300 is designed for small boats and sailboats with a displacement of around 3 tons. The power of 2000 watts is comparable to that of a seven HP outboard gasoline engine. 

The N300 uses a unique brushless system that sets the N300 apart from the competition. A sliding carbon brush creates the motor rotation for an electric racing engine. It is easy to wear, consumes energy, and generates heat.

Garmin Force Trolling Motor

The Garmin Force 50″ Trolling Motor raises the bar with seemingly endless attributes, cutting-edge features, and a rugged build that looks great. Also, it offers anglers looking for an old-school handlebar feeling and response, as well as the latest in the network, sonar, and GPS technology.

Lowrance Ghost Brushless Trolling Motor

Reliable, strong, and durable, the new Lowrance Ghost trolling motor allows anglers to catch more, run quicker, and get closer without scaring the fish. The Ghost features a brushless motor with a significant thrust and the most extended run time. This trolling motor is a new addition with built-in sonar options and a waypoint mount.

Final Thoughts

With lower cost and more satisfactory performance, a brushless motor is gaining popularity in most cases. Still, you may find places where brushed motors work better. So, you don’t have to worry about whether Minn Kota trolling motors are brushless or not.

If you still want a brushless motor, you can try out the models mentioned above. While Caroute and Garmin are expensive, you can try out SeaMax at a lower cost.

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